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Preparing for ceremony.

Entering a ceremonial circle.

Land healing ceremony.

Lighting incense in preparation for ceremony.

Circle Meditation
Circle meditation.

CSE sponsors various events and workshops, including ceremonies on the four main solar days each year, the two solstices and the two equinoxes. We perform spiritual weddings, initiations, dedications, and ordinations according to higher guidance. We ordain into the Order of Melchizedek, an ancient mystical order in the universe. We also do an initiation rite into the Order of the Blue Snake, a new creation by Divine Mother for female empowerment.

Upcoming Events:

July 14 Webinar
Become a Powerful Land Healer
Bring More Peace, Harmony, and Well-Being to Yourself, Your Family, and the World Learn a technique to clear negative thoughts and emotions that linger around you, subtly influencing moods, thoughts, and behavior. Work with the elements and nature spirits.

August 11 Webinar
Advanced Land Healer Training
For people who want to learn more after the beginning class (Become a Powerful Land Healer) and install permanent points in the Earth Healing Grid.

June 22-24 in Mt Shasta
Initiations in the Order of Melchizedek
Our annual solstice event. A personal and profound dedication to your higher path and spiritual service, supported by spiritual family. This initiation brings you greater attention from the Ascended Masters and angels, and accelerates your soul evolution.

September 15-16 in New Jersey
Initiation into the Order of the Blue Snake
Initiation Rite to Activate Divine Mother's Healing Power
For men and women. Join this group to activate this Divine Feminine healing energy and learn how to use it in your life, for your own and planetary healing. A life-changing transformation that gives you tools for deep healing during these unstable times.

December 12-14 in Mt Shasta
12-12-12 Activations
Activate your soul evolution by being in tune with the most accelerated, new energies of our planet and the cosmos. Be at the forefront of the massive transformations occurring now for humanity. In person or remote participation, 10-10-10 and 11-11-11 activations required. Exact times and details to be posted later.

Now Offered as a Home Study Class:
Optimal Human Beingness
Understanding and Evolving Your Four Body System
Study at your own pace with this home study course. This is the class you will wish you had taken as a child to prepare you for life as a human being!