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Due to the volume of requests, Antera can no longer answer many messages. If you truly desire help, please schedule a phone/skype session with her. See her session info here: Twinsong.

Some Archived Letters

Note: All letters received may be edited for brevity or clarity and posted to this column anonomously.

Struggling with Twin Flame

Dear Antera,

I am 20 years old and yesterday was the first time I ever heard of Twin Flames. I already am a strong believer because I believe that the woman in my life is my other half, my Twin Flame. We met unexpectedly our freshman year in college, and ever since, we have grown together. I have read many websites about Twin Flames already and all the signs and symptoms are exact. And I read that when Twin Flames meet when they are not ready, they face hard times and stuggle, which is somewhat of a test by God of unconditional love--that was when I knew. We have struggled so much together.

We think the same, spiritually and emotionally, about each other. We have the same thoughts. My heart melts every time I see her and hers the same for me. But these struggles--it is one right after the other, for almost 2 years straight. We have been holding onto fears and our egos, just the things we are to let go of. We have decided to be friends until the time is right, but no other love can compare.

Is there any advice you could give me? I know we should let go of our fears and egos and just let our hearts bring us together and Gods Will.


Dear Believer,

Letting go of fears and ego is easy to say but takes time and effort to do, as you have found. There is no quick way. You both need a spiritual practice that will allow you to progress one step at a time along your spiritual evolution. At this time, you and everyone on the planet have the opportunity to evolve at extremely fast rates, so I suggest you take advantage of this and dig in! Do some research to find what will work for you.

Know that as you proceed with healing yourself, you are preparing yourself for a much more fulfilling relationship. Because as you heal, you expand your ability to love and be loved. So there is nothing to lose. I wish you the best on your journey.

Best Blessings,