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Here you will find stories, essays, quotes and other writings that inspire us.

Articles by Antera:

Barefooting to Save the World
"Yes, I’m serious about the ‘save the world’ part, and I’m going to explain the connection to going barefoot. But first, some background...."

A True Champ, But Not a Painter
"My body is the best sport I’ve known. Better than me, for sure, because when I play games I play to win, and there have been times when I was losing badly and I just quit, which was very disappointing to those who wanted to complete their wins. So when I think of all the tough games I’ve put this body through, and how she has never quit, I am very impressed...."

Chickens in the Pantry
An amusing true story about chickens and nature spirits.

No More Food... Ever?
Antera's and Omaran's astounding experiences as they explored breatharianism.

Spirit Adventures: Red Butte
This is an excerpt from "Spirit Adventures on Mt Shasta," a forthcoming book by Antera. Full of the remarkable journeys taken by Antera and Omaran as they followed the guidance of the Masters to do lightwork in the field. Insightful and inspiring, this book describes some of the work and training they went through, as well as the discoveries they are led to make in their land-healing and energy-clearing of power spots, vortices and ley lines around powerful Mt. Shasta.

Articles by Jeen:

From Fear to Family
"I haven’t seen Emma, my skink spirit guide for letting go of fear, since I last shared about her in the Fall ’99 newsletter story, Fear Was My Compass. A lot has happened with me and fear since Emma and I first met...."

Fear Was My Compass
Jeen shares her experiences of overcoming fear in a delightful personal story.

Articles by Omaran:

Well, Well, Well: A Measure of My Faith
"In this lifetime I have had what can only be described as 'miracles,' happen many times. And yet, I still lacked what I felt to be 'true faith'--faith in myself...."