From the Council of Seven:
New Year Message

[Through Antera on January 2, 2024.]

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We are here. We wish each of you a New Year to remember! As 2024 comes into humanity we believe you will find that change is upon you. You may think, "It has been upon me for many years now," and this is true. But this year, especially, you will find that you cannot, any longer, hold on to what will change.

So, you can flow with this or resist it. Any resistance you have toward change will cause you pain. And in this we hope you can find motivation to allow changes to occur in your personal lives and therefore into the greater consciousness.

But with change there has to be a period of chaos. Before there is organization, there is disorder because whatever there is that needs to be ordered must show itself, must be exposed. And this is what is happening with humanity as a whole, as well as each individual; just as when you clean your closet you must first take everything out to organize it, and this causes clutter and a big mess as you work through your organization. But once you have organized it, the mess goes away. All that you take out of the closet must be dealt with, either healed or let go.

Humanity is cleaning its closets! It is unearthing and exposing all that has been hidden. All that has been lurking in the background, all that has been buried, now is being exposed so it can be healed or released! As humanity cleans its closets so that organization and healing can happen, there is still chaos.

If you keep this perspective when you look at world events, when you look at what is happening among humanity, you will find it helps you stay within your personal life of calm and peace because you understand that these things have to be exposed to be healed.

It is, this year, very important for each Lightworker to maintain their perspective on what humanity is going through and clean their own closets. Each of you needs to look at what in your lives has not been working, what you have put off healing. What do you need to change in your personal lives to move forward with more organization and to keep your higher perspective, so you do not move into denser energies while humanity is purging? The key is keeping your perspective and realizing what is happening.

This is what we advise to each of you individually: to clean out those closets, as fast and efficiently as you can, so you can keep your perspective of the greater work that is going on with humanity, the greater work of awakening. So many people are awakening! This purge is bringing this on.

So, your individual cleaning needs to include much letting go of resistance, letting go of old habits, letting go of old activities that no longer serve you! Letting go of clutter in your life, in all ways, from the physical to the emotional and mental; letting go of clutter and resistance to change.

This will help you most this year which promises to be a very exciting year for all of humanity and each of you! Open to the flow of change and put the effort in to clear, release, and let go of anything in your life that is holding you back. This is the quickest way to embrace these times and make it through this year with flying colors, with everything going well in your life despite what is going on in the world at large. Your responsibility is your life, your thoughts, your feelings, and your physical body maintenance.

We thank you all for listening and everyone who reads or hears these words will be blessed by the most high vibratory energies from the Cosmos, through the Galactic Core, through the Solar Logos and through the Planetary Logos and to you.

These are the energies we impart to you who read or who hear our words and we bless you all! Thank you!

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Permission is given to share with others in its entirety with source credit.