Nine-Week Webinar on Tuesdays
January 14 - March 11
4:00 - 5:30pm Pacific Time

Most people go through life without understanding how to care for their physical bodies, much less their emotional, mental, or spiritual bodies. All our systems function according to basic rules that, if followed, create optimal health and happiness, and ultimately, bring enlightenment.

This course is a study of your four bodies, including how they work and how to maintain and heal them. You will learn transformational tools as well as theoretical concepts. This valuable training will assist you in raising the vibration of all your systems and accelerating the balanced evolution of your soul. You will learn how a fully-evolved human being lives and works with their four bodies, and how to get there from where you are now, avoiding the mistakes many people make.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • communication with your body
  • working with body elementals
  • mending the etheric blueprint
  • how emotions get stuck
  • energy parasites
  • emotional control and release
  • deprogramming the mind
  • awareness and control of thoughts
  • increasing consciousness in life/body
  • karma and reincarnation
  • disconnecting from mass thoughtforms
  • traps to evolution of the four bodies
  • spiritual hierarchy of the planet
  • spiritual anatomy of humans
  • solving problems using lightwork
  • energy exchanges between people
  • spiritual paths of the soul
  • psychic senses
  • death and birth
  • stages of spiritual evolution

For 30 years, Antera has worked as a spiritual teacher and counselor, psychic healer, author, and channeler. She is the co-founder and director of the nonprofit Center for Soul Evolution Mystery School and lives in Mt Shasta with her twin flame and husband Omaran. Together, they also founded the Order of the Blue Snake and built the Mt Shasta Pyramid.

Cost: $395. Deposit to hold your place: $195. Payments available.
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This webinar is taught by internet and email. Classes will be recorded in case you have to miss one.

Center for Soul Evolution is a nonprofit organization.

Some Comments from Participants:

Thank you so much!! I really love how you are able to take some very complex information and make it into a simplified, easy to understand format. I can see how repeating this class would be valuable. I really appreciate all of it, and feel really good and happy I took it. I know I am using things right away and daily, and I am sure that other tools, and practices will come and go as I need them as well. There was such a great amount of variety of tools. I am super excited!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

I loved the course, it's super! It's fundamental and so important to know these things. Thank you so so much!

I loved it! So thorough and some great reminders as well as some new ideas. The tools are amazing! I will definitely incorporate these into my world.

What a blessing to come across the course. It's so generous of those like you who know how to share these techniques with us that they alleviate the burden that is currently in our lives, and they work too. I will always be grateful.

I think this course is a must-do for anyone who's interested in spiritual growth. It's the foundational key! And, I experience just what you talked about - when I do the inner work, my daily life is much easier.

I enjoyed your class so very much and I am so very grateful. I was told by someone that it was a lot of information and it is so true. You put things in a lovely organized way. You broke it all down and made it all user friendly. I feel like I am so much more prepared to go on to the next level of spiritual evolvement. Thank you Antera!

This was a course packed with information and it has taught me so many things. I feel I have a basic toolbox I can always go back to.

Thank you so much for a truly wonderful series. I feel that it's a course that every human being who is interested in evolution should absolutely go early as possible in life...and bravo to the young participants in our group for getting on the course! What an amazing head start they have..;) Look forward to next mystery school module ..!

Absolutely excellent course, really well put together, fantastically delivered in Antera's inimitable style. I received a myriad of super invaluable information (and confirmation of some things of which I was already aware from my background). Years of reading would not have revealed the depth and profoundness of information and toolkit shared. THANK YOU so much for all your time and dedication to helping us evolve!

This course really open my eyes! As I understand more about universe, I can trust and surrender my will to the universe flow.

This course has changed my life!! Thank you Antera. You have provided me with an understanding of how all of this (life) works for me in my life, this go around.

The education of the four bodies, meditations, tools and insights that you have so graciously given me and worked with me on have truly altered my being here and I am so so much happier than I have been. None of the work has been easy although I know it is worth the work!! I now have the tools to enrich myself in all areas which in turn allows me to give and reach out as a light worker to love and give of myself to others. Love, love & more love!!!

Many lessons are being learned in my life since the first day I started this course. All of this resonates with me. Because this course has resonated so deeply with me, I know it is real. Thank you!!!

I loved the course. Very helpful. It gave me a greater perspective of where I am, where I want to be and how to get there. Very useful information. I loved the tools and mediations. I can use them for the rest of my life! Thank you so much! I also like the bigger perspective of the soul evolution. Now I feel more compassionate and less judgmental towards others and myself, where before, their behavior was not acceptable. I feel more conscious, aware and lighter. THANK YOU!

I loved the class and learned so much! Turns out I really didn't understand how the four bodies work. With what I have learned, I feel I'll make better progress in improving my bodies and open myself up to more Light! Thank you so very much!!!

I am so glad I did this class! Now I plan to do the whole series. The information was presented in a down to earth and simple way, so it wasn't hard to understand. I felt like I was in a process of healing during the whole 9 week class, and I know I could not have done it so quickly on my own, without the class. The tools and meditations are invaluable to use forever. I'm so happy you are offering these classes. They are just what I need and I'm looking forward to the next one. Thank you Antera!

I'm very happy with this course. It has taught me so much, interesting and useful. I'll certainly use the tools and I'm using them. It's been very useful for me, as sensitive as I am.

Overall, it was a great course that was very well organized and filled in many gaps in my own knowledge of the subject and helped me feel much more confident of my spiritual path and the practice to take. Thank you very much for the work you do! I look forward to my next courses from you, thanks!

Many thanks to you for sharing this powerful, life-changing information and processes. I feel tremendously blessed to be able to experience them!

Thanks to all you've taught and all I've learned in this course, I just know that I've made long term life changes to enhance all four of my bodies. That is from my intuition, which is stronger all the time and I'm trusting it more and more:).

I'm LOVING and appreciating so much from these teachings!!!!