This is the time of Great Awakening!
Millions of people are having spiritual awakenings during this rapid expansion of human consciousness.


Since 1998, our mystery school has been guiding people through their awakening and along their spiritual path. The curriculum is overseen by the Ascended Masters and angels of the Order of Melchizedek, and is based on ancient wisdom from mystery schools throughout history, including teachings from Atlantis, Lemuria, Ancient Egypt, Essenes, theosophy, and early Native Americans, as well as from great individual teachers.

We have taken the core teachings from these ancient sources and revised them for today's world, as guided by the masters. Today, people can advance in their soul evolution much faster than in the past. Also, most people are very busy, a lifestyle we accommodate with our many home-study training courses. In the past, students lived at a mystery school while they studied and practiced skills. Our initiates live as everyone else in the world, sharing the light, love, and wisdom they gather through these teachings with their families, friends, and co-workers.

We stress balanced spiritual evolution, so all parts of the four-body system progress together: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Without this balance, people tend to neglect certain aspects of their growth and healing while they do what is easy or exciting for them, resulting in crises and setbacks. Historically, many problems on this planet have been caused by teachers who did not address some of their deep issues, and this caused them to abuse their power. We do not ask for allegiance to any particular person because we feel that having a guru is no longer advisable due to the tendency toward corruption. This program does not ask you to be exclusive, either. You can follow this path while studying with other compatible teachers.

We do not claim that our path is the only path to enlightenment. We believe that there are many paths because every person is unique. But though all serious paths eventually lead to enlightenment and ascension, some are much faster than others. This is a fast and proven step-by-step program that has helped many people. Following a path with guidance and focused training not only speeds up your progress, it helps you avoid mistakes many others have made.

We teach the Initiate Path, which gives people training and guidance in their soul evolution marked by progressive initiations. These initiations bring people into alignment with the Order of Melchizedek and help them progress to more and more advanced levels of knowledge and experience.

We take people through seven initiations. Those who have been on a spiritual path for many years can usually do one or two per year, and those who have recently awakened will take longer. The initiations are held in person in Mount Shasta, and the training is by webinar.


Shifting into Peace: Taking Humanity and Nature through the Next Evolutionary Step
Learn to maintain your inner peace through all the changes, personal and collective, and train to work with nature spirits to help them heal the pain humans have given them.

Letting It All Go! Releasing Karma and Pain from Your Past
A monthly series of webinars, each with a different theme of patterns to release. A new series will be posted soon for 2021.

Optimal Human Beingness: Understanding and Evolving Your Four Body System
A nine-week course by webinar, starts January 8. Foundational knowledge, experience, and tools. Required before upper division classes.

Initiations in the Order of Melchizedek
Summer Solstice in Mount Shasta, annual spiritual event. We had to cancel the 2020 event and we are waiting to see about 2021 before posting about it. Your initiation will give you increased support from the Ascended Masters and you will meet a wonderful group of spiritual people!

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