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Section 1: Six Tuesdays, May 26 - June 30, 4:00 - 5:30pm PDT
Section 2: Six Saturdays, May 30 - July 4, 10:30am - 12:00pm PDT

This is an Urgent Call for Lightworkers Who Love Earth and Humanity!

Humanity is on the brink of a great evolutionary shift into its next level of consciousness, and this year is critical for many reasons. A group of Light Beings from the Order of Melchizedek instigated this training, working with Antera intensively for three months earlier this year.

To create peace in the outer world, we must first create inner peace. This is where many peace movements in the past have failed. If we resist the harmful actions of others, we are actually making that behavior stronger. Resistance adds fuel to the fire, which does not achieve what we want. We want a total overhaul of consciousness and values.

Many lightworkers have trouble maintaining their inner peace when reading or watching the news, and so they avoid the news. But at this time, we really need to be aware of what is happening. While avoidance will protect a sensitive person for a while, it is a temporary solution. The highest path is to be aware of and participating in the world while maintaining our calm so our contributions to the collective consciousness can uplift and heal.

Besides gaining a stable peace inside us, we also know that true peace has to include the healing of our relationship with nature.

This training will focus on inner peace as well as teach you a new field process so you can actively make a difference in our world. This process is designed to be done inside cities in public places and parks. The Land Healing Project has prepared the way for this exciting phase now so we can heal nature and humans more directly. No previous experience is required, just a sincere desire to heal humanity and nature.

From the masters, Pan, and Antera's owl spirit animal, came instructions for making a new set of remedies to use in the field. They are for the nature spirits! These help the elementals safely release the pain they have been holding for humans, so they can find balance and healing. By releasing these harmful mental-emotional energies, they will no longer add to the current hatred and fear, so these mass thoughtforms of divisiveness are not so contageous. The remedies are also designed to help humans heal their relationship with nature so we can collectively cooperate with our planet. This is essential for the peace and harmony we all want.

This training is offered for free to make it more accessible to anyone who feels this urgent call, with only a small fee for the materials that will be shipped.

Taught by Antera, a spiritual teacher, intuitive healer, channeler, and author. She has taught spiritual growth classes for 25 years. She lives in Mount Shasta with her twin flame and husband Omaran, where they founded the nonprofit Center for Soul Evolution and built the Mount Shasta Pyramid.

Cost: $50 includes the materials, remedies, and shipping to US addresses. An additional shipping fee is required for international shipping.

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Some Comments from Participants

This class has been so incredible and illuminating! Now I honestly know I am contributing in a positive way for all beings who call this planet home!

Thank you so much for the Shifting Into Peace class. It is exciting to do the work. The class itself is super informative, healing, and supportive. I would say it's even life changing because it changed the way I see things. Much needed at this time of humanity, and the tools that you provided us with are fantastic, easy to use and they work!

My deepest gratitude to you and the Peace Council for providing stability, healing, and hope at a time when the world needs it most. This class helped me increase my connection to the natural world, and it gave me more ways to BE and SHARE the Divine Light of Peace. Thank you!

I really enjoyed the class a lot, and am happy to have a "simple" procedure to do in nature to shift energies and invite healing of the elementals. Thank you for the beautiful class!

The news does not trigger me at all since we worked on that. I'm in more of a balanced state, not so worried!

This is a truly remarkable course, creating profound shifts within myself and palpable shifts around. It's been a real eye-opener for all of us. Antera generously shares extraordinary practices enabling us to start making impactful shifts from day one. I am deeply grateful to Antera, Omaran and the team for their dedication in bringing this to us. I urge everyone who is committed to peace and healing to attend this course. Urgently. It's FREE. We owe it to ourselves and each other to join in and take responsibility to create peace. In unity.

I want to say again that I enjoyed this class as much, if not more, than any of the other wonderful classes Ive taken! The timing and topic was a perfect fit for me at this time. Inner peace has magically set in. My husband noticed and commented that he could see how I've been positively impacted. And the shift process is beautiful and uplifting. It has changed the energy in the environment around me. I'm inspired and humbled knowing I can participate in bringing about this incredible shift. I'm drawn to the process and looking forward to getting out there! Thank you so much!

Thank you again for taking on this project and teaching this class. I signed up for the class for the opportunity to help heal the planet, and did not expect it to have such an effect on me! I’m still integrating my human remedy lol. Overall the class was easy to follow and understand and straightforward. I love that the shift process is so simple to do. I have to say that the final portion of the class where you discuss harmony with nature being the key to solving our human problems is so important because it’s not a part of the common spiritual views and is not a main focal point. I feel like I finally "get it" and I would like to see this focus on nature and us being a part of nature bridged into the mainstream understanding. I certainly took away more than I expected from this class... it is a blessing and I appreciate it and am thankful to you for all that you do in teaching us :)

I loved taking the class, thank you so much for running it and inviting me. It's really great to have a way of directly healing the elementals, and something that is so quick and easy to do that you can just carry the kit around with you and you don't have to plan everything in advance.

I've just completed this fantastic, interesting, inspiring and peace bringing training and I think it's an absolute must for anyone/everyone remotely interested in helping this planet, humanity and especially nature, nature spirits and animals. It's helped me bring more peace into my own life and recognise what takes me out of peace and given me tools on how to deal with it. It's truly what we/the planet needs right now. I loved it! Thank you so much.

The class was amazing - fast-paced, interesting, super informative, loved your passion which came through in every class. I am SO VERY GLAD I took the class. Time to get busy making "shifts"!!