From Mahatma:
New Year Message

[Through Antera on January 1, 2022.
Note: Mahatma is sometimes used as a title conferred on great souls. This message is from the Light Being of this name. Feel his energy coming through the words.]

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On this day, the first of this New Year, I open the way for greater Light to encompass this planet and be accessible to all humans, all life! I open a resonance to everyone who reads these words that there will be the highest illumination upon your lives, your thoughts, your feelings and all the way into your body!

This opening is a process that we have all been working on to make it available at this time for humanity, especially, because you have been through so much, and because the world is unsettled and out of balance.

The awakening we see, the awakening we bring forth to aid humanity is upon you now! But there are so many distractions, there are so many thoughts and feelings that have gone astray and have gone off-mission for many, especially the Lightworkers, that there is a need now for re-focusing on your missions.

Everyone who is now incarnated had a very good reason to be here at this time and there is no more time to wait! If you are not moving forward with your mission, tune into the energy we are giving today and on, so you can receive this renewal, a renewed vision, a renewed flow of the Light in your life in greater capacity to make changes that are needed to make a greater flow of love and compassion in your life.

If you have gotten distracted by the many thoughts around you, if you have gotten distracted by the chaos, by physical confusion, by dramas, by the media, tune now back to your Source, refocus now on how much love you can put out to the world! That is your ultimate mission! Whatever form that takes, however you can do this, we open the way for you to move forward into a greater flow of love and Light into every aspect of your life. This is why we are here today!

Rather than thinking that things will get back to what you would call normal, think instead about a much improved Earth, a much improved way of being on the planet.

As we shine this Light to all of you who are receiving this, all who read these words, we simply ask that it be received and projected around you into everything! Into every person, every thought so you can make the changes that are needed before nature causes so much disruption that it is not possible. This is the challenge that all are facing now . . . to undo many, many years of not being kind to nature, not being balanced in the world.

Since this is our last chance to focus this kind of opening on the planet, we are asking for a greater and greater shift into higher consciousness. This is the way. It may look different for every person, but it is all a part of this amazing opportunity for humans to move forward in their evolutionary path.

It is an incredible time! As you let go of the distractions and move forward with your missions, this awakening takes place in a much smoother way. Open to our focus on each of you! We are behind you always! We are here! We are the Light!

Thank you.

Copyright 2022 Antera and Omaran.
Permission is given to share with others in its entirety with source credit.