First Friday of each Month
4:00-5:30pm Pacific Time

Clear the slate on your personal and ancestral histories! Being on a spiritual path requires that we all heal limiting and painful energies from our past. This brings us more into present time so we can create our perfect lives now, even while our world is undergoing big changes.

This series of powerful webinars targets patterns that Antera has found repeatedly in clients through the years. Almost everyone holds these energies inside, often without being conscious of them, until they are brought up and released. This clearing of limiting patterns includes this lifetime as well as past lives.

Sessions will include Emotional Freedom Techniques, guided meditations, and affirmations so you can continue integration afterwards. This is an inexpensive way to make big changes in your life!

"I have very much benefitted from your webinar series Letting It All Go! These webinars were just as you characterized them, powerful, effective and fast. I have felt the effects internally, as well as manifestations in my outer life. I learned a lot of new things about every issue presented. Plus, many conclusions that I had come to myself, you confirmed for me. With gratitude!"


When we have expectations of what will happen or how others should behave, it causes disappointment and upset. It does no good to blame others or try to change them. Giving up expectations allows more acceptance and happiness.

We will remove patterns of being criticized, which can be a form of abuse and cause lasting limiting thoughts, especially from childhood. It can become the inner critic as an adult. Also, we will release ways you may be criticizing others.

April 1: LOSS
We all experience losses in life, especially of loved ones. Grieving is an important way of releasing these losses, but often we don't know how or can't at the time, so it gets stored in our chakras and body. We will work on releasing this energy so it will not cause illness or other problems.

The need for controlling your environment or other people often comes from times in the past when life was unpredictable and out of control. Healing this allows for much more peace and acceptance in life. Self control can also be affected, either too much or too little.

Having poor boundaries means you do not contain your energy well or recognize that you are only responsible for your own pain. It can result in putting other people's needs before your own, letting other people take advantage of you, or trying to please others. This issue is held the second chakra and usually comes from abuse or other ways your personal boundaries were breached in the past.

We are in a time of supply problems, resulting in shortages of many items, the most important of which is food. Most people have experienced serious times of limited food or even starvation, in past lives or through their ancestors. This results in a fear of not having enough, which can be deeply embedded in the cells.

Problems with self expression include fear of speaking your truth, not being heard or listened to, feeling shy, talking too much, and lack of creative flow. Many experiences in the past can cause this, such as being invalidated, criticized, punished, or not getting enough attention as a child.

Relationships give us great joy as well as great pain. Healing patterns of heartbreak, rejection, betrayal, wrong choices, trying to change another, and taking back energy from previous relationships can free up a lot of energy and make future or current relationships much healthier.

October 7: HOLOCAUST
This is a collective trauma that many people carry, through their own experiences of being a victim or perpetrator as well as through experiences of their ancestors. The extreme cruelty of the Nazis has been embedded in shock and trauma inside all of us, and it is time to heal this wound.

For over 25 years, Antera has been a psychic healer, spiritual counselor and teacher, EFT practitioner, author, and channeler. She lives in Mt Shasta with her twin flame and husband Omaran, where they founded the nonprofit Center for Soul Evolution and built the Mt Shasta Pyramid. For more info on her see their websites and

Cost: each session $35. All nine: $280 (one free)
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Includes a recording of the guided meditation presented in class.