From St. Germain:
New Year Message

[Through Antera on December 31, 2019.]

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My New Year's greetings and a blessing upon each person who reads my words! I call for the greatest Light, the greatest love, the greatest hope and wisdom for each of you as you embark upon a journey into this New Year. We are behind you and we want to make sure you understand what that means ... that you are never alone! That you have the support of energy and flows of love to lift you up anytime you need it!

This year I ask you to focus on stability. In its highest and most fulfilling sense, holding your personal energy in a state of stability will help you move through this year with the greatest peace and calm available and possible.

You know, last year, 2019, was a year of roller-coaster energies ... up and down and all around. For many people, this was difficult going. If you anchor your personal stability into this earth, into this sun, you create a rock-hard core that will carry you through any changes that are going on around you. This year promises to be a bit more stable than last year and to give humanity time to integrate. But there will still be changes! And some of these changes may rock your world, so to speak.

So if you have your sense of stability and you are well grounded into this planet, you will ride the storms. By doing so personally, you lightworkers will help the rest of humanity move forward through the changes with ease and grace. I ask all lightworkers to be the stable examples, to be anchoring at all times, not only the frequencies that are around you but those new ones that come in through your sun.

Because the sun is changing consciousness and radiating both physical and non-physical energies that are new and can challenge your physical natures, your bodies. But if you are anchored into your personal stability you may take in these new energies, take in this higher consciousness and bring it all the way into your body and into every cell, to integrate easily the changes going on.

For the rest of humanity may not do this, and these challenges will create difficulties in their lives. This is why it is so important for you lightworkers, whether you are newly awakened in the last few years or have been doing Light work for decades, to focus on this integration process and on anchoring these energies into your bodies and into the earth.

The sun is your source in this solar system and as it changes, you change! As it changes, the earth changes. And the sun is bringing in energy from higher and higher sources -- from the galactic center, from the universal center -- into your solar system and this planet, which is dearly loved.

In the process of becoming more stable there is also the process of acceptance ... acceptance of what is, rather than fighting what is. Moving into greater acceptance of what is going on in your life personally and in the greater world of humanity, gives you strength to make changes as needed. Acceptance does not mean condoning what can be changed and is not healthy. It does mean giving you the strength to make changes as they can be made. If something is not changeable in your personal endeavors, accept it as it is and adjust yourself to it. This gives you stability and greater integration! Some things you can change, some you cannot, but both have to be accepted before anything else can happen.

I ask all lightworkers to open to my blessings, the blessings of all of us, the support we are constantly giving you. And I do mean constantly -- to help you see the highest path ahead and act accordingly, to help you see the bigger picture with what is going on with your life and all of humanity and the huge shifts that are happening. All of these shifts are for greater joy and love ... all of them. Shifting what is not those higher qualities requires healing, and this is what appears in the outer world. But know that we are here supporting all of you through this wild ride that all of you chose to be a part of.

We thank you so much for sticking with it, we thank you so much for all your contributions whether small or large. Every time you make a shift in your personal energy or in the outer world you are contributing to making this a more stable place, a more peaceful place, and bringing in the world you want to have. And we are very encouraged. We are very excited about this time and this work.

Thank you so much for listening. Receive as many blessings as you can possibly take in. Thank you.

Copyright 2020 Antera and Omaran.
Permission is given to share with others in its entirety with source credit.