Second Thursday of each Month
4:00-5:30pm Pacific Time

Clear the slate on your personal and ancestral histories! Being on a spiritual path requires that we all heal limiting and painful energies from our past. This brings us more into present time so we can create our perfect lives NOW.

This series of powerful webinars targets patterns that Antera has found in thousands of clients through the years. Almost everyone holds these energies inside, often without being conscious of them, until they are brought up and released. This clearing of limiting patterns includes this lifetime as well as past lives, and whether you remember them or not.

Sessions will include Emotional Freedom Techniques, guided meditations, and affirmations so you can continue integration afterwards. This is an inexpensive way to make big changes in your life!

"I have very much benefitted from your webinar series Letting It All Go! These webinars were just as you characterized them, powerful, effective and fast. I have felt the effects internally, as well as manifestations in my outer life. I learned a lot of new things about every issue presented. Plus, many conclusions that I had come to myself, you confirmed for me. With gratitude!"


November 14: HEARTBREAK
Everyone has had many broken hearts through this and past lives. Every time you have lost a loved one through rejection, abandonment, death, or other means, your heart has taken on pain that probably never healed fully. Clearing out the energy of this suffering will allow you to love more fully now.

Every family has damaging behavioral patterns that are imprinted and learned in childhood and can affect you your whole life until the underlying beliefs and emotional pain are addressed and released.

January 9: POVERTY
Beliefs about lack or not enough to go around and fears about not having enough come from experiences when there was scarcity in your past. There can also be vows of poverty that are still in effect, and times of starvation can affect current eating habits.

Everyone has been a member of a religion in this and/or past lives. With religious training comes rules, dogma, limiting beliefs, guilt, fears, vows, and pain that can be released so it no longer affects you subconsciously.

March 12: WAR TRAUMA
There have been numerous wars in the history of humanity, so chances are you have experienced many, as a soldier and as a victim. Your ancestors have also experienced atrocities of wars, and this can affect you until cleared.

Being humiliated and shamed in public can cause you to subconsciously hide your light and shy away from expressing your truth or cause fear of going into situations where this may happen again.

Being accused of something you did not do and being punished for it can be very damaging. It causes feelings of not being heard or listened to, and it can cause a belief that the world in unfair and unjust. This belief brings more of that pattern to you.

Emotional or physical trauma experienced by your ancestors can be passed down to you as limiting physical/emotional/mental patterns, beliefs, behaviors, and fears.

Earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, floods, and draughts all cause disruption of your life, pain, loss, and suffering. Decisions made, pain endured, and actions taken at these traumatic times get lodged in your energy field and affect you later.

For over 20 years, Antera has been a psychic healer, spiritual counselor and teacher, EFT practitioner, author, and channeler. She lives in Mt Shasta with her twin flame and husband Omaran, where they founded the nonprofit Center for Soul Evolution and built the Mt Shasta Pyramid. For more info on her see their websites and

Cost: each session $35. All nine sessions: $280 (one free)
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Includes a recording of the guided meditation presented in class.