From GAIA:
Thank You
Spiritual Warriors!
Part 2

[Through Antera on 9/26/15.]

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Divine Presence.

Because this kind of global energy work does not immediately result in physical changes, often people think that it did not make a difference. But these activities are working on the causes, they are working on helping to heal at a very deep level, so the physical world does not need to go through so many calamities and disasters. Already we have seen such a difference in what needs to happen on the planet!

Right now we are seeing tremendous influxes of energy to our planet, challenging humanity to go to a higher level of consciousness. And many take this energy in and they think, It's the end of the world! Apocalypse is coming! This is the way they interpret this in their space. And others take it in and say, Oh good! It is an opportunity to heal something and move to an even higher level of consciousness.

So we see the range from apocalypse to ascension, and they are all responding to the same energies coming in, simply interpreting them differently. Of course, neither is right. The way this energy comes in to people has to do with the state of consciousness of the individuals. If one has a religious belief in apocalypse, that is how they will respond. There is some part of them that wants that to happen, so that they can be proved right.

And those who say that everyone will ascend with these waves of energy, or many people will ascend, are also interpreting through a belief system, just a different one. Ascension is not the goal, it is a process. And the process is what is important.

Right now humanity needs to focus on healing. The only way to raise to a high enough consciousness to ascend is to heal everything--absolutely everything--that is not love! Once that is accomplished, ascension simply isn't important, because you see through the eyes of higher consciousness.

So these energies coming in are definitely stressing every person on the planet, stretching their abilities, challenging them so they may heal. It is all about healing, all of it! Every wave of energy is about healing!

Since these waves of energy have been coming in for decades now, one is not more important than another, one is not going to do what others haven't. It is one step at a time. That is what the journey has always been, one step at a time. I encourage all of humanity to look at what is right in front of you--what is up for healing right now. That is what you focus on. And this is how consciousness is raised. Where can you love more? What can you change in your life to have your environment more aligned with who you are, at the soul level?

This is the way many people are being challenged. I love the process! I know it is not easy, but all of humanity and all of the other life forms on my planet are a part of me, and I of them. If one person raises their consciousness I benefit, we all benefit, and it is an exciting journey to be on together! So when there is a big shift, as we have seen after the global meditation, it is such a cause of rejoicing! The journey gets easier the closer we get to being healed.

I love every single person on this planet! I love every single animal, and plant and rock! I love the beauty that is all around! And I give thanks to each person for their part in the evolving consciousness. Thank you.

Copyright 2015 Antera and Omaran.
Permission is given to share with others in its entirely with source credit.


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