Dec 21 at 7:30pm - Dec 22 at 6:00pm
In the Valley of Emergence (Death Valley)

Join us for a retreat in this spectacular valley, the deepest place in North America, for the Winter Solstice! This is where the new etheric Ascended Master Retreat was opened two years ago.

This conclave will be a joining of forces between the realms, working with Ascended Masters, angels, devas (nature spirits), and humans. During a thinning of the veil, we will anchor cosmic, high-level energies and make them more accessible to humanity. The great Mountain Spirits, who responded to the call in 2013, are ready to take a greater role in our quickly evolving consciousness.

If you are called to participate, you will know it! Listen to your Higher Self and look for a sign. This workshop will be personally transformative as well as an opportunity to serve our planet in the highest way. It will be an unprecedented conclave! We are calling those who will most benefit and contribute as they experience the coming together of these beings and forces.

See a new message from the Guardian of the Deep below! We first met this powerful Inner Earth Deva in 2007 in the valley, and he has been very active in helping the inner Earth beings connect with the surface beings in the healing of our planet and humanity, through the Land Healing Project.

  • TULENA, the Deva of the Valley and manager of the retreat.
  • GUARDIAN OF THE DEEP, who first emerged here in 2007 and has been involved in the Land Healing Project.
  • THE MOUNTAIN 16, Mountain Spirits from around the world who answered a call in 2013 from White Buffalo Calf Woman to help humanity.
  • THE VALLEY 16, a group of Valley Spirits from the deepest valleys of the world.
  • Many ASCENDED MASTERS who are involved with the retreat center and building higher consciousness on the planet.

This valley is the deepest place on the continent and by connecting this deep energy with the highest mountain energy, there is a very powerful potential created for humans, for the Earth, for all beings. You will go to a whole new level of communication, awareness, cooperation and working together in the balancing of this planet, in the healing of humanity, in the stabilization of your beloved Earth! This is required for humanity to move forward into higher consciousness.

This Winter Solstice will be a time of the veils thinning. I believe there will be a large shift, especially since over the last two years we have brought forth the mountain and valley spirits and gained their trust and cooperation. There will be an opportunity to bring in and stabilize some tremendous forces within the Valley of Emergence during the solstice time! It will not take a large group but it will take a dedicated group to do this.

Until then the energies are building, because we are counting on this group to focus that energy and bring it into the core. This meeting in the valley is very important for the balance of this planet and bringing it into a more stable configuration of energy! We will facilitate this on the solstice, and I see it being very successful. So whoever has been called, we hope they can make it to this event!

Antera and Omaran are a twin flame couple who live in Mt Shasta, California. They have taught spiritual growth classes together for over 20 years. They travel around the world creating the Earth Healing Grid and teaching land healing, with methods they learned from Ascended Masters, angels and nature spirits. They founded the Center for Soul Evolution Mystery School and built the Mt. Shasta Pyramid. For more info on them see their websites: and

Cost: $222 before December 1, $272 after. $50 deposit. Couple discount.

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