From GAIA:
Thank You
Spiritual Warriors!

[Through Antera on 9/26/15.]

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I, the Spirit of this beautiful planet, am grateful beyond words for all of the Lightworkers, the spiritual warriors who continue to focus on undoing the damage that has been caused over the many millennia by humans and others! There has been a tremendous shift, because of the focused group work on the Equinox, a shift that goes beyond what you would think of as your physical world.

What you healed has been the underpinning of so much of the behavior and propagation of destruction on the planet. This underpinning energy has been greatly cleared! This was all done in the higher dimensions but it works its way to the physical as all things do, and this is what is in process. The astral pollution that you all worked so hard at clearing, is no longer there to feed the hatred and other destructive emotional states.

That kind of destructive energy has to be fed, and when the food is gone, there is little to hold those energy states in place for very long As this shift trickles to the physical, you will find not only is there less of the destructive emotional states and thoughts, but they will last a shorter time because they do not have the energy that has been feeding them.

For all of this I am so grateful because it makes my job easier, my job of soothing and harmonizing, and creating the gem of a planet we all want. As these harmful energies continue to heal, and I believe they will, we will find that what replaced them becomes larger and more important. The positive energies will balance and overcome the negative, so there will be more choices for people. If people have a choice between love and hate or fear, they will choose more wisely if the love is more prevalent in their homes, in the atmosphere, and in the people around them. This is the goal: for love and joy to be so very strong that the other energies will simply become unimportant.

You know that once this happens, there will be peace, harmony, sustainability and good energies, as wanted by you, me, and the host of Ascended Masters.

So I am very grateful to each soul who participated, and so are all of the angels and masters who have been closely watching this planet and humanity. We notice all of you very dedicated beings who have held the Light strong, and who have pushed aside that which is not Light or transformed it for a long time, by not paying attention to the chaos and bad news that is everywhere you look, but instead paying attention to what you want. This is paying off! So I thank you.

And I do hope that this will happen again, another event of this type, to continue the process. Now that we see how effective this is, we ask for a repeat! [Note: We will be doing another global event on the winter solstice.]

There are so many dedicated humans on this planet. Maybe they are not perfect. Maybe they have not even been awakened for very long. Maybe they are mostly dedicated to healing themselves at deeper levels. But still they want to heal this planet and help humanity evolve to higher consciousness. And we encourage them all to contribute whatever they can, while in their process of awakening, and to help in these global events. They are so important and effective!

Ultimately, everyone on the planet will reach the state of higher consciousness, the state of holding a frequency of love, within themselves and their environment. This is our goal, this is what we hope. So in little ways, every day, people can choose the frequency of love, they can choose to not allow their minds to create feelings that are not love. The small choices are the most important.

I believe every human is capable of being love... everyone, even those that have made the biggest mistakes, even those who some of you think are "evil to the core." Everyone is capable. And when humanity wakes up enough to realize how you are all connected together, you will get that if one person makes mistakes and does harmful acts, everyone is responsible! Everyone is connected! You are all in this together. There is no separation at the higher levels. Once that is realized, healing can take place even with these people.

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