From St. Germain:
New Year Message

[Through Antera on January 1, 2023.]

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Greetings and welcome, welcome, welcome to 2023! Much has happened this last year and some wonderful progression has occurred on the planet, for which we are very happy. We are watching and stoking it so that it continues into this year.

Last year, a foundation was started, a foundation that carries the energies, qualities, harmony, and peace that will eventually prevail. But it had to be started as a foundation and that was accomplished in 2022.

The foundation will build further in 2023 as all of you do what you can to help, by visualizing what is wanted: the greater good, the potential of peace and harmony on the planet. So, I am going to ask all of you to focus your minds on visualizing what it is you all want, what kind of a plan, what kind of leadership, what kind of interactions and communications you all want, in the new world that is being created.

I say the foundation has just begun but it is significant! This will be another year of building and visualizing this foundation of beneficial energies so all others who are not ready to help build will start to get those energies into their lives without even realizing it, and their attitudes will shift.

As this foundation is built this year, making it stronger and stronger and reaching to other areas of the planet, I would like to advise each of you to make sure that you are in COHERENCE; that you, in your personal lives, are resonating with higher vibrations, with compassion, harmony, and acceptance. By coherence, I mean that your actions, your job, your activities, where you live, your environment, your thoughts, are all in resonance! So that you are true to your own self. By "self" I mean the soul.

I do not mean being in resonance with your pain or with ideas or beliefs that cause pain, but resonating with what you, the soul, have come here on this planet to do and what is important to your soul's path. This is always what you want to be gauging your decisions by, asking if particular activities, ways you spend your time, your environment, and where you live are actually what the soul wants. Or if they are aligned more with pain, or belief that is not beneficial and not in resonance with who you are.

So, this is one of my biggest areas of advice this year, to become more coherent. By being coherent with your soul, you will have a much happier life and more time to spread those good qualities throughout the world in service. This is an exceptional time for fast growth and opportunities all around you, many opportunities if you take them, if you resonate with them.

As always, there will be opportunities to engage in activities that are not aligned with your soul and there will be opportunities to engage in activities that are very aligned. These are your choices! Especially this year, as the energies continue to build, progression continues toward what humanity really wants. This progression is building, and it is up to each individual to reinforce it in your own lives.

This also requires self-care, taking time to eat well and take care of your physical body. Many physical bodies are stressed now in many ways, and this is one of the challenges of these times because of pathogens, toxins, and all of the things that have contributed to physical dis-ease. It is more important than ever to truly gauge what your body requires in terms of food and cleansing, and what you can change at this time, so your body is more in resonance with you, the soul.

It is all about coherence this year, from the physical up to the spiritual. The more you are in coherence and the more you are resonant with who you are, the greater energy you will have, the greater service you will be able to provide for others, and the happier and more joyful your lives!

We see that this year will be a turning point for many. In fact, the last few years have been turning points. Still there are opportunities to grow that will hold you back if you don't take them. But it is a turning point for all of humanity and that means it is so very important to make sure you are in resonance with who you the soul are, and how that trickles down to all of your other bodies, your mind, your emotions, your physical.

Being truly in resonance is like sounding your soul's tone and when you do that your entire being can quickly shake off that which is not healthy, quickly shake off and heal pain from your past, much easier.

So sound your soul's tone and make sure that all your bodies can accept it and vibrate with it, and you will be a magnificent force for good on the planet! Even physical issues and emotional traumas can be shaken off, much easier than ever before, if you take advantage of this time and these energies to find your coherent tone and make changes as needed in your lifestyle.

We know these times are not easy, but this is also a time of grace. That means all is forgiven. So, if you are carrying guilt, doubts, fears, or anger you can much more easily heal these now. Invoke the energy of grace! It is here for all of you. You can stop beating yourselves up so much. Move forward into the true Beings of Light that you all are!

I give you all my sincere blessing and gratitude for being human now because I know how courageous you are. Thank you for all your contributions, and allow grace upon you, to wipe clean your past and help you be even more present . . . healed and strong within your soul's Light.

I bless you . . . I love you . . . so much.

Copyright 2023 Antera and Omaran.
Permission is given to share with others in its entirety with source credit.