From St. Germain:
New Year Message

[Through Antera on January 1, 2021.]

Center for Soul Evolution
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Shifting Into Peace:
Taking Humanity and Nature Through the Next Evolutionary Step
Webinar, Jan 23 - Mar 6

This is the Peace Project, a training for lightworkers who love the Earth and humanity and want to help in this very critical time. To create peace in the world, we must have peace within ourselves and with nature. You will develop inner peace while living in world chaos, as well as learn a field process to tangibly help nature heal.

Optimal Human Beingness:
Understanding and Evolving Your Four-Body System.
Webinar January 5 - March 2.

This is the foundational class you will wish you had taken as a child to prepare you for life as a human being! Valuable training to assist you in raising the vibration of all your systems and accelerating the balanced evolution of your soul.

Land Healing
Learn a highly effective way to clear harmful energies, working with Masters, angels and nature spirits, helping this planet and humanity. Beginning class is by home study.

Order of the Blue Snake
Next initiation:
Mar 28 - Apr 11
by phone and webinar.
Empower yourself during these changing times and receive healing tools from Divine Mother in this life-changing initiation. Join a wonderful group of lightworkers in a supportive spiritual community.

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Welcome to 2021! For those of you who are glad to see 2020 leave, I wish I could say that this year will be easier! However, it will probably not be easier. At the same time, many things have already shifted, many changes have already happened for the good and there is a mass awakening happening. And this is what we are focused on, this mass awakening!

What does that mean? It means people are waking up to what is actually important! They are reassessing priorities! They are developing their options to the greater good of humanity and focusing on what they can do to help in this great awakening. And we love to see this! Focusing on the true reality, is what this year is about ... TRUTH! And opening to what really is true.

As always, I have some tips for lightworkers this year. My first tip: The greater reality is accessed through nature! That is the reality that will give you access to all the inner realms. Focusing on the real world gives you Divinity! This is where I want all lightworkers to focus. If you, instead, allow your minds to go into thoughtforms and your emotions to go into feelings that are a part of the world now but not a part of the world you want, the awakening will take a lot longer. We're already looking at many years.

My second tip for this year is to have discretion. That means don't believe all that you read, don't believe what you are told. I'm sure you are all aware that much of what is being put out on the media or that you can read on the internet is not completely true. There are many, many thoughtforms out there that discretion will allow you to filter out.

My advice is, for anything you read or are exposed to through the media, through the internet, through other people: If it makes you feel angry or sad or fearful, do not believe it! These emotions are being deliberately triggered. This is how you can use your discretion. This is how you can filter out the information that is not completely true because those sources of information are trying to push your buttons. They are causing anger and fear to propagate! Don't believe them!

So that is my bit of advice on information: Don't believe anything that causes an emotional reaction. Now, if you do have an emotional reaction, stop to think, "OK, I will not believe that." But you still need to HEAL that reaction. So I am not saying ignore what you feel, I am saying to heal it! If you get triggered, heal whatever it is that was triggered. That means it's from the past, not from the present. Heal what comes up from your past so you have no trigger. And don't believe whatever the information was that triggered you.

It seems very simple to us on this side. This very simple approach will help all lightworkers move through this time of so much disinformation and many triggered emotions without latching on to the thoughtforms. So if you read something and it makes you angry, think, "OK, I feel angry because I read that, so I'm not going to believe it as completely true. There may be a small bit of truth to it but it means it is not completely true. It is designed to pull up my anger. So what is this anger really from? It is from something that happened in my past and that is what I will focus on in healing myself."

And the same for if you read something that causes you to be afraid of anything, such as people out to get you or control you. Open to the healing process only! If all lightworkers do this they will come to the place of complete truth and awakened spirit. This is what will get you through this year and subsequent years in the most stable way possible.

If, in addition to this, you can get out into nature as much as possible, you will all be the Beacons of Light that you really came to be!

You may be wondering why I'm talking about this. Well, it's because I have seen many lightworkers, this year, fall into traps. This is why we have all decided to focus on helping you stay the course, stay with the Light, focus on what is working, focus on love and compassion only! As the world goes into further chaos, which is inevitable, you all need to be the strong ones, living by example, showing others how to hold the Light strong through these times.

I also want to say that this is going to be easier than we thought, because of the hard work of many lightworkers in this last year, working with the great mountain beings and helping the elementals of the world shed their pain. There is now much less astral pain to draw from! Many of those underpinnings that were holding in place the emotional energy and pain have now been released. And this is going to make it a lot easier for all of you.

So I thank you all for holding the course! I thank you for each of your efforts to be present at this time, a time that you chose to be here, to help humanity go through this shift into a greater evolutionary path! And to help the entire world shift into a higher vibration ... it's what you all came to do, and you are doing it!

I thank you so much and I ask you to help as many people as you can to shift into their awakening!

Thank you for listening, thank you for reading my words and for being here now! Many, many blessings!

Copyright 2021 Antera and Omaran.
Permission is given to share with others in its entirety with source credit.