From St. Germain:
Collective Initiation

[Through Antera on July 12, 2020.]

Center for Soul Evolution
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Shifting Into Peace:
Taking Humanity and Nature Through the Next Evolutionary Step
Webinar, Sept 3 - Oct 22

This is the Peace Project, a training for lightworkers who love the Earth and humanity and want to help in this very critical time. To create peace in the world, we must have peace within ourselves and with nature. You will develop inner peace while living in world chaos, as well as learn a field process to tangibly help nature heal.

Optimal Human Beingness:
Understanding and Evolving Your Four-Body System.
Webinar January 5 - March 2.

This is the foundational class you will wish you had taken as a child to prepare you for life as a human being! Valuable training to assist you in raising the vibration of all your systems and accelerating the balanced evolution of your soul.

Land Healing
Learn a highly effective way to clear harmful energies, working with Masters, angels and nature spirits, helping this planet and humanity. Beginning class is by Home study.

Order of the Blue Snake
Next initiation:
Nov 29 - Dec 13 by webinar.
Empower yourself and receive healing tools from Divine Mother in this life-changing initiation. Join a wonderful group of Lightworkers in a supportive spiritual community.

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Much has changed, much has moved forward into a higher octave. Because as you know, humanity is going through an initiation of sorts, collectively, and this is pushing the many changes and uncomfortable situations. But it is all for opening humanity to their new way of being, in this new level. And big changes are never easy!

People need to keep in mind that this is all for the best, and everyone will come out of this in a new world, a world that has been in the making for a long time. Yet, humanity has to go through this birthing process, this initiation, and everything that needs to change will come up--in an easy way or a more difficult way, but it will come up. People will need to move forward without--and this is the KEY--without considering themselves victims. This attitude of acceptance and the desire to move forward into this new way of being as a collective, will help everyone move into this new environment. And so far so good!

But you may think, "Oh, but there is so much coming up, there is suffering happening!" And yes, this is always a part of big changes. Suffering needs to happen especially where people have ignored the signs and decided to hold onto what isn't working long past its usefulness. You all know, deep within, that this world and humanity will never be the same! Such is the magnitude of what is happening.

But everything does not need to fall apart to make this shift. People simply need to move forward with this shift without resistance. People who think of themselves as victims are resisting. People who judge others and get angry are resisting. People who are trying to hold onto the old ways of being, the guilt, the judgment, are resisting. But they cannot hold onto a way of life that is obsolete.

This is what we are watching carefully. How much suffering must humanity have in order to move forward? It is entirely up to each of you. So we are working tirelessly to help push people, individually and as a whole, forward.

This is the awakening you've been waiting for, and people will awaken, like it or not. Some of them do not like what it entails, that they have to make changes in their lives. As we have said before, this is only the beginning. This process will take years, and this year is the beginning of it.

Already it has gone smoothly. Yes, there are many people bickering and pointing fingers and blaming. But one can recognize that the people are making changes, for the most part. They're getting it. They are awakening. They are resetting their priorities. Many are forced to be with their family or their children more, many are forced to change careers, change what they do, look at their lives and make changes for the better. This is what's important.

All disasters bring out the courage and love and caring that people have. The highest qualities in people come out through a disaster. People help each other. There will be other disasters, but what's important is, people will rally in a good way. There will be changes that cause upheaval and yet the changes will be made because they have to be made. You cannot awaken and hold onto some of the old attitudes and ways of being that some have held onto, for example racism. And many other topics are coming up for deep change. That has to happen. You cannot have those kinds of attitudes and move into an awakened state.

This brings us to the Peace Project, one way we are helping people move forward by healing the elementals, who have been holding so much of humanity's pain and acting as a buffer so that humans could get ready quicker. The time has come, however, whether people are ready or not. This is why we want to release the pain from elementals so they can help in the process in a more positive way.

What we have seen already through this Peace Project is astounding! Some of the shifts were created more than three months ago, and that is the integration period. Those first shifts are now seeing BIG results! We have observed the attitude of the elementals change into one of helping, rather than hindering, the changes for humanity. Now they know that humans are capable of loving, accepting, and actually living with the Earth and nature in a harmonious way that creates peace!

This is a new concept for the elementals who have always thought of humans as polluters in so many ways...emotional pollution and pain as well as physical pollution. Now that humans are helping them, even though the number of humans is small, the effect is HUGE! The morale of these nature beings has skyrocketed because they see there is hope for humanity. They are seeing that even though it is last minute, humanity just might make it. I want to give a big thank you to all who are doing these [Peace Project] shifts. Keep it up!

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