Archangel Hope:
New Year Message

[Through Antera on January 1, 2019.]

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My dear ones, I am so happy to see the quality of hope blossoming like so many flowers within the hearts of humanity! This is what is happening as I shine my Rays of Hope upon all of you, allowing you to have a glimpse of the changes that are happening within the consciousness of everyone!

I want you to have the hope that allows you to give up ideas and feelings that project what you don't want. Instead, embrace a hope for a future that is aligned with what everyone really wants, with a consciousness that embraces the greatest ideals of compassion and forgiveness for all! And through this compassion, joy arises. Change for the good arises.

I ask you to open your hearts even more, allowing the hope to come forth into your consciousness, without expectation of a certain way of being or specific changes -- riding the waves of change while holding your focus on what it is that humanity really wants.

These last few years, and especially 2018, have opened a door of hope because there have been so many positive changes, so many people awakening to a greater consciousness and making decisions based on that awakening, causing it to propagate to others. The realization that you are not alone, that you are a part of something so much greater than what you can perceive with your human senses, is life changing!

Some of these awakenings have come about because people were pushed in ways that were not comfortable, such as having an accident, illness or other trauma. That forced people to look at their lives from a higher perspective. But once that opening happens there is no going back. This is what has been occurring throughout humanity over the last few years. Awakening after awakening!

Frankly, this does disturb things a bit but it is all for the greater consciousness. As you move into a greater consciousness you must heal all that is not of that consciousness, all the pain that you have carried. And sometimes this is not pleasant. But guess what. It is worth it!

So even though you may look at this last year and think that it was not a pleasant year, there were many challenges, problems, and unpleasant changes . . . still, if you look at the bigger picture, you will see that everything that happened was to create greater love and compassion on the planet! This is what I ask you to take into your heart. Open to the hope it gives you.

And with hope comes faith! Having faith that even though things are not going in the most easy way right now, everything passes in time. Healing is happening, and with healing comes more joy, more happiness, and more ability to cause healing in other people. It spreads! It is spreading now!

This new year has started out with a huge influx of higher energies for everyone who is actively healing themselves, physically, emotionally and mentally. All of us -- the angels and masters -- are focusing huge beams of Light throughout humanity starting this year, bigger than ever before!

Take advantage of this Light. Bring it in consciously and use it to heal even deeper layers of pain. Use it to give you hope, give you faith again . . . faith in humanity, faith in the Divine Plan! Because this is the focus that we are holding and our hope for this year is to manifest an even greater part of the final plan for this planet and humanity, an even higher consciousness among the masses!

We are very grateful to all the lightworkers who have been helping to spread these energies to everyone with whom they come into contact. Each person who has a behavior change, or who decides to change the way they think of others thereby moving more into compassion, is blessed with more compassion, more love and is therefore able to spread even more! It is a feedback that is more powerful now than ever before and more instant!

Some of you talk of instant karma . . . well this year is your chance to experience it. And I mean karma in a good way, sending out good energy and receiving it back in kind in greater and greater amounts within your lives. This is a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful time to be alive! Everything is faster, and that means healing is faster!

I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful time this is! Of course, I am looking under the surface a bit to see the hope emerge. In the process, some of that negative stuff has to come out and heal, and that is what most people are focused on. It is the part on the surface that is coming out to heal, but that is not the biggest part of anything! That is why I say this is a wonderful time to be alive!

So I know I will see wonderful changes happening this year, personally and collectively. I offer you my Rays of Hope to know that this is so and to embrace into your hearts, in such a profound and loving way, the feeling that your lives will move forward in grace and love.

I thank you all for being a part of this tremendous experience on the planet right now. And I love you all!

Copyright 2019 Antera and Omaran.
Permission is given to share with others in its entirety with source credit.