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[Through Antera on 11/15/15.]

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Conclave in the Valley of Emergence
December 21-22, 2015 in Death Valley, CA

Join us for a transformative solstice in the deepest valley of North America. Work with mountain and valley spirits and other amazing Beings, visit the new etheric Ascended Master Retreat, bring in huge forces for our planet and humanity!

Land Healing
St Germain called this project "the most important contributor to the changes in consciousness on this planet that we have seen yet!" Join this amazing effort and learn to work with Masters, angels and nature spirits.

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A group of angelic beings worked for a decade preparing an area on Mt Shasta to receive a new form of Divine Mother's energy for the planet. This is a life-changing initiation that empowers you with the force of Divine Mother. Join a wonderful group of lightworkers!

Initiations in the Order of Melchizedek
June 17-19, 2016 in Mt Shasta

Get on the fast track! Being initiated into this cosmic order in the presence of spiritual family is highly transformative, and calls to you the attention of Beings of Light to speed your spiritual evolution.

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[Note: The Guardian of the Deep is a very evolved inner Earth Deva who first emerged in Death Valley in 2008, knowing very little about humans. He has, since then, tirelessly worked in the Land Healing Project to balance our planet.]

I come to you today on the request of the elementals and Devas that I work with, and also on the request of the Ascended Ones. I seem to be the one who is facilitating communication and cooperation between the realms, between the nature kingdom and the others, including humans. So I was asked to give you a bit of an overview of what has been going on from my perspective.

I will also speak about the shifts that have happened since the Japan trip [recent land healing trip], because these have not been insignificant in the overall shift of forces on the planet. Every time there is a concentrated effort on an area, with many points [in the Earth Healing Grid] created, there are large shifts that happen both in the area and in the entire planet. So from my perspective these are very important and they shift the balance of power! And by that I mean they open to allow more cooperation and positive changes within the planet, between the nature kingdom, humans, and the Ascended Ones and angels.

I am here to give you my take on this, because I am in the field all the time! I am working with the Devas and beings who keep the core of this planet stable, physically allowing for more balance in the Earth. When this planet goes off balance we have problems.

As you know, humans have been instrumental in throwing it off balance, especially in the last few decades. Because there are so many humans, they have great impact on the planet. Every time there is a shared thought or event, it affects the balance of this planet far more than most humans realize. If that shared thought is full of love, goodwill, and caring, then of course there is a positive shift. And other times it is not positive, meaning that the balance of the planet is thrown off. Because there are so many humans on the surface of this planet, they have great power together and collectively.

This is why the global meditations are so powerful and it is why these land healing trips are so powerful. When one area is shifted in such a large way, as with Japan and before that India and other areas, the people of those areas are highly affected. Maybe not immediately or consciously, but they are very affected. As the points continue their work more and more effect is seen within these people. These shifts are then brought into the grid to effect the entire planet, because of the way the points are connected.

There was quite a jewel created in Japan and those islands are shifting to embrace this light-form. I call it a jewel because it is shining so brightly now! The land healers added much energy to that area and dissipated much negative energy. And the process continues. The energy from Japan is still working its connections to the grid. That gives us time to adjust the interior of the planet to accommodate this change.

It is an on-going job to maintain the balance of this planet. Every time something happens that affects all the people, it affects the planet, and this is what we deal with. Also every time there is a cosmic event, and the planet goes through an area of space that has energy that stimulates the consciousness of this mass of humans, this also needs to be accommodated within the Earth. There are many of these events happening now.

I want you to get an idea of the work that I and so many others do. You might call it birthing humanity and birthing the planet into a place of harmony and joy. This is our goal! And every little thing that happens has to be incorporated into the planet's core, into the very physical matter of this planet as well as into the physical matter of every human.

So this is a big job and fortunately many humans have stepped up to the plate with land healing and other ways of uplifting humanity and the Earth. It is my job to facilitate and coordinate all of these changes and shifts, so the planet continues to stay balanced through this time of great change.

All of the Ascended Ones are doing their part from the higher dimensions, and the humans are doing their part, and we are doing our part in bringing these energies into the physical in every way possible. This is a very exciting time! I am so glad to have the opportunity to join this effort and do my part in bringing forth the consciousness of the inner-Earth beings so they can join forces with the surface beings. Because of the Land Healing Project and the energies you have been sending through the core and along the surface, this is happening!

As the veils thin more and more there will be so much more for humans to understand. Most humans understand very little of what is really going on. They live and think only about the physical world. But this is also changing. We are seeing more people turn their attention to the inner worlds.

This Winter Solstice will be a time of the veils thinning. I believe there will be a large shift, especially since over the last two years we have brought forth the mountain and valley spirits and gained their trust and cooperation. There will be an opportunity to bring in and stabilize some tremendous forces within the Valley of Emergence during the solstice time! It will not take a large group but it will take a dedicated group to do this.

Until then the energies are building, because we are counting on that group to focus that energy and bring it into the core. This meeting in the valley is very important for the balance of this planet and bringing it into a more stable configuration of energy! We will facilitate this on the solstice, and I see it being very successful. So whoever has been called, we hope they can make it to this event!

Did you have comments Omaran?

OMARAN: Yes. I am very moved to have you here, to have your incredible words and thoughts. I stand in awe and admiration of what you've done since we first met you less than ten years ago. My goodness, this planet is so very fortunate to have you here. Thank you.

GUARDIAN OF THE DEEP: And I thank you, I would not be here doing this if it weren't for the two of you. You evoked me, you brought me to the surface. Maybe you did not know you were calling me but it was because of your actions I came. Then my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to study these strange creatures on the surface of the planet, these humans. And that is how it began. I learned all about humans because they really are quite fascinating. Because of the disconnection that was in place before we all got involved with this project, there was no communication between the center of the Earth and the surface.

So it took quite a bit of doing for me to convince the ones in the middle to meet with the ones on the surface. But you helped by shooting the Light through the core, as you did for the first time from Australia. After that, more and more of the energy of the grid came through the core and these inner-Earth beings were blessed beyond what they could imagine. And this is what convinced them to work with humans like yourselves. Perhaps they are still not very interested in the rest of humans, but they do recognize how connected all humans are and that there is a consciousness grid that is very powerful and affecting the entire planet, whether we like it or not. So they recognize that it is in everyone's interest to work together.

It has been quite a journey, one I have very much enjoyed.

OMARAN: Please share our gratitude with all those in the middle Earth who are doing everything they can to help. Most humans still have no idea what's going on, but there are many of us who do. We're so grateful, please let them know that.

GUARDIAN OF THE DEEP: They know. You will have a chance on the solstice to work with them, to give them your gratitude and coax them into whatever is needed. We will be working together very actively on the solstice. And do you have any questions?

OMARAN: I don't think so, I'm so grateful to hear from you.

GUARDIAN OF THE DEEP: Very well. Like I said, I was asked to come and give my perspective and a brief summary of what has been going on, and without the proper words to explain everything, I have done my best. There is so much that cannot be spoken of, it must be felt and perhaps you will feel some of this when we do our work together on the solstice. It will come full circle when we do this work because that is where we met, and that is where we will wrap up this phase of this particular job... Thank you.

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