From Melchizedek:
Calling the

[Through Antera on 6/29/15.]

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Awakening to higher consciousness, and wanting to find the deeper meaning in life, puts you on a spiritual path. This class helps you smoothly travel. Home study.

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Initiations in the Order of Melchizedek
June 17-19, 2016 in Mt Shasta

Our annual spiritual gathering. Being initiated into this cosmic order in the presence of spiritual family and friends is highly profound and transformative, and puts you in a closer relationship with the Ascended Masters.

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Divine Presence.

It is I, The Melchizedek, overseer of the Order of Melchizedek, reaching now to the inhabitants of this beautiful gem of a planet you call Earth. We are very interested in everything that goes on with this planet, as with all planets, but right now, there is great interest in your planet and the evolution of humankind.

There is no doubt that the evolution is progressing as fast as it can. Consciousness is rising, many people are starting to open up their awareness and realizing that there is much more to their existence than their physical world and activities . . . much more. I call now to those who are just awakened, just starting their spiritual path, their seeking of what is real. Those who I call have been awakened only a few years. Perhaps only through the 2012 activities, or since then.

2012 and everything that was predicted (most of it false, but still very interesting) created quite a stir in the consciousness of humanity, because of the possibilities that were talked about, and read about, and shared among many on the planet. Even though much of what was predicted did not come about, still there were tremendous shifts because of even considering the possibilities, and the shifts that did occur were great. Consciousness expanded and the very act of going through those times of great energy coming to your planet, caused awakenings in many people who would not otherwise have heard.

You people who have just awakened in the last few years, you are a new crop, so to speak, and your goal now is to heal, and heal, and heal everything that comes up, while maintaining your focus on your spiritual nature. You newly awakened are not ready for service work yet, but with all of the tools available now for healing (especially emotional healing), this can proceed very quickly. Getting off the greatest charge in the quickest time is going to send you very far, very fast, because of all the lightworkers who have gone before you, and are helping to light the way.

We call all of you newly awakened beings into the Order of Melchizedek! We ask you to turn your attention toward us, who are guiding the Light and evolution of this entire universe! We ask that you turn toward the Ascended Masters who light the way, and the angels who aid you. At the same time, you continue healing yourself. We expect this new crop to go fast in their evolution, if you desire it.

And to the lightworkers who have been staying the course for decades, we call on you to continue to guide the newly awakened, to lead the way for them, to show them what mistakes not to make, to help them go fast. This is the quickest way of creating, on this planet, a huge shift in consciousness!

We are aware of every single person who awakens, who finds a greater purpose, a greater Light, a greater love. We are aware of every single one of you, and if you turn your attention to us, we give you great support and we will guide you to the teachers that you need and the classes and books and resources that you need for this time, that are right for you.

Once this new group of awakened people moves further into the Light, further into healing and embracing the Higher Consciousness, the shift on this planet will be immense, and a momentum will be gained that will further awaken others very quickly. The momentum has already started and we are here today to encourage that, to encourage all of you to progress on your path of awareness and keep a higher perspective on all that is around you.

We thank you for being here at this time, we thank you for riding the waves of energy coming into the planet and aiding consciousness. We thank you all, for each of you has a special part to play.

Copyright 2015 Antera and Omaran


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