Virtual Sessions
10:00-11:30am Pacific Time

An Inexpensive Way to Stay Balanced During these Turbulent Times!

The Indigo is an energy medicine device. In these sessions you will get an energy tune up, clearing stresses to all four bodies, physical/etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It will raise your overall vibration. Focus will be on alignment with your spiritual path and higher self, aura clearing, higher dimensional energy clearing, removal of outside forces/entities, balancing of emotions, uplifting negative thoughts, infusion of positive affirmations, and balancing any stressors that show up.

Groups will be kept small, so please register early. These will be done virtually without a call, and a summary will be sent afterwards by email. You will only need to be alone and relaxed for at least the first 10 minutes during the overall scan. Antera has been a practitioner of the EPFX/SCIO/Indigo for almost 20 years.

Session Dates
in 2022

  • February 18
  • March 11
  • April 15
  • May 20
  • June 24
  • July 15
  • August 19
  • September 16
  • October 21
  • November 18

For over 25 years, Antera has been a psychic healer, spiritual counselor and teacher, author, and channeler. She lives in Mt Shasta with her twin flame and husband Omaran, where they founded the nonprofit Center for Soul Evolution and built the Mt Shasta Pyramid. For more info on her see their websites and

Cost: one session $20, ten sessions $180 (one free)
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