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Energy Tune Ups: Group Indigo Sessions
Virtual Sessions with Antera

10:00-11:30am Pacific Time

These are virtual sessions, done without a call. A session summary will be sent afterwards by email.

Send a picture of yourself alone if Antera doesn't have one.

During the first 10 minutes a scan is done. You will be required to be:

  • alone, at least 6 feet from any person or animal
  • not inside a car
  • not on your phone

$180 payment for ten sessions, Feb - Nov

$20 payment for February 18

$20 payment for March 11

$20 payment for April 15

$20 payment for May 20

$20 payment for June 24

$20 payment for July 15

$20 payment for August 19

$20 payment for September 16

$20 payment for October 21

$20 payment for November 18