From White
Buffalo Calf Woman:
My Dream of
Uniting All Tribes

[Through Antera on July 19, 2018.]

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I still have my dream of uniting all the tribes, uniting all the people as one people! This I see happening! Even though it may not seem so on the lowest levels, on the physical levels, it is happening in the thought plane. All peoples are coming together!

I want you to know you don't need to believe everything you hear or see in the news as reality. Some of it, yes, is true, but we are seeing now presented in the media only that which is in its last legs of being a part of your reality . . . the last part! Remember that at the higher levels all peoples are one, there is no question. And these thoughtforms are trickling down into the physical. So you don't want to put too much attention on what is physical now because it is not what will be part of your physical world in a short while.

So I ask you to hold firm in your vision for this planet, not just for the continent, but for the entire planet, hold firm! And don't get carried away with thinking about that which seems not to be working . . . that will all be falling away very soon.

I have put out many calls and they have been heard! When I first put out my call few responded. Now I see the difference. I see that many, many people, a high majority of people, want to have a land of peace and prosperity and harmony. This is what is being created . . . compassion for all. It is happening. I want you, the lightworkers, to be very aware of this so that you may put your attention on it no matter what you see in the news. It is so easy for many of you to get caught up in the physical world happenings but if you do that you are not aiding the bigger world picture, which I and many of us are holding for this planet.

My dream is to have this unity between all peoples, compassion and caring among all peoples. And I know this is already a reality, it simply is working its way in. You know how it is when a high ideal works its way in and brings Light . . . well, whatever the resistance is will come up! The Light will shine on that which is not compatible and this is what you're seeing in the news . . . the incompatibles, the resistance coming up. But the Light is there, the vision is there, it is strong and it is winning! So this is why you don't want to focus too much on the outer world.

I absolutely love this planet, I love humanity! So many of us here do, and we will see a greater reality happening here, there is no doubt, no doubt at all! I have such a special place in my heart for those of you who are working so hard to make this a reality in the physical world! This is why we are so grateful!

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