From St. Germain:
The Shift Really Is Happening!

[Through Antera on April 2, 2017.]

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Yes, we are seeing a tremendous potential shift . . . it's already happening in the etheric realm, and to some degree it is happening in the physical world. There are so many people working to create this shift to heart energy, to cooperation, and to all of the harmonious practices that so many people want. This is shifting in a major way . . . major!

It is not in the physical realm entirely yet, but there have already been tremendous changes in the etheric world and on up, so it will make its way to the physical, there is no doubt. This is a big shift and it is so needed.

There will still be some chaos, there will still be the resistance that people are putting up to change, especially to changing themselves and their thoughts. And there will be the pain that comes from Light shining in to where it has not shone before!

But, the overall plan is in place and is working and humans are moving into higher consciousness . . . some of them kicking and screaming, some of them floating in easily. It is happening. We must give them some time, we must be patient! This is hard for those of you lightworkers who have been working on this for a long time. Sometimes there can be a sense of "I've done so much and I don't see enough change!"

But look around you . . . look, really look, and focus your attention on what is really happening . . . in the moment, that is where the power is, and that is where the change is happening. So instead of going in to those thoughtforms around you that say, "Everything is hopeless and will never change," and, "Everything you've done has been for nothing!" . . . don't go there. You want to stay with what is, what is actually here and happening now. Then you will see, everyone will see what is really going on.

We love to see what is happening now, it is so exciting to all of us. And we have been working on this for a very long time, longer than most of the lightworkers. And we see it happening!

I leave you with my blessing of Light and Love.

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