White Buffalo Calf Woman:
Creating the New Paradigm

[Through Antera on February 14, 2016.]

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My dear ones!

For many years we have worked together. For many years you have raised hope, and worked so hard to create more balance and harmony on this planet, and for all the life here. For this I give my gratitude! And I want you to really know the effect you have had!

Think about how long you have been creating the new paradigm on the inner realms. It grows closer and closer no matter how things look in the outer world. Let us remember that chaos always comes before order. There must be a breaking down of the old systems for the new systems to be implemented. The new systems, the ones we all want, are already in the making. They have been conceived and grown and are even now, in the midst of what may look like an unenlightened world, being implemented fully. There are many people working on replacing the old systems with ones that work for this world as it is now!

So as you work even further with groups of people, focusing intent on this activity that comes from the roots up, and replaces the structures that do not withstand time, you will finally see the effects in the physical world. It always must be made in the non-physical, in the higher mental realm, before it can manifest.

We are on the brink! And this is very exciting.

RoseIf I seem a bit subdued, however, rather than excited, it is because I am focusing on love. I love this land so much! I don't mean only this continent, I mean all the lands, all the Earth! This planet is so beautiful, so precious, so cherished! As we love, we open hearts, we open minds, we open spirits to fully realize the ideals that every human wants, whether they consciously know it or not.

Through our love of humanity and the planet, we manifest the ideal world, and that includes ideal leadership and government. So that right and ethical actions can make the changes needed at that level. Because in the United States right now an election is in process, this is a very important time to be refraining from judging right or wrong, criticizing, and moving into a mental space that causes conflict and strife.

Instead, we hold the focus of enlightened leadership, so that whoever wins, will have that as their guiding Light. It is not so much about who wins as it is about who and what guide them. This is where we focus--beyond the conflict and arguments into the energy space that causes the decisions, efforts, and priorities that are a part of enlightened leadership. We are asking you lightworkers to do the same . . . to rise out of the conflict and move into holding the focus of the most pure, ideal governmental energies. It is so possible to create this in every country on this planet!

We, as Ascended Masters, can focus on this 24 hours a day for years, which we have done. But it takes the humans to really bring it into the physical world. And it is well on its way!

I thank you all.

Copyright 2016 Antera and Omaran.
Permission is given to share with others in its entirely with source credit.


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