From GAIA:
2016 Will Be Crucial!

[Through Antera on January 1, 2016.]

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On this first day of the year 2016, I speak to all souls who chose to be here during this exciting time, to take a body and fully participate in this very challenging of times. You are courageous to have made that choice!

This year will, once again, be challenging for many, there is no doubt. But this year is crucial! In 2015 we saw many changes but we also saw an amazing focus of Light! And because of this increased Light on our beautiful planet, those parts of humanity that do not resonate with the Light were brought forth to be seen more clearly, to be identified, and to be healed. What we see is a tremendous healing process happening. This last year brought this on and now in 2016 we expect that if the Lightworkers and the newly awakened people can hold their focus on the Light, on keeping their hearts open, and stay away from the thoughts around them that are of a negative sort, this year will be a turning point! That is massive!

We are seeing hearts opening all over the world! A tremendous opening like no other time in history! So we are very excited about this. We are very hopeful. We are very inspired by all that the Lightworkers have done to create this--how they have held the focus for decades, and how the newly awakened group, which is very large, has seen that Light and has followed it, into their service, into wanting to do something positive in the world.

This shift is major and I am so grateful to all who continue to contribute to this mass awakening, and to creating more love on the planet. It is good to remember that there are only a very few people that caused the biggest problems in the past. They are few, very, very few. Ninety-eight percent of humanity wants what we want, and that is a planet of love, joy, and sustainability. That two percent is not important!

So hold your focus on that, and remember not to put your attention on those misbehaving people, but hold your attention strong on all the rest, whose hearts are open, who want love, kindness and good things. This is where your attention must be to continue this amazing shift! And we know that you will all pull through with this.

I am so grateful for what has happened. During the two global meditations in 2015, all of the densest energies that was holding those kinds of bad behaviors and hatred on the planet were dissipated, ALL of them! There is no more excuse for that kind of behavior! Now these hateful acts will be more isolated, instead of drawing from this very dark energy, which is no longer there to draw from. There is nothing to hold the hatred in place other than individual people, and this is how you can think of them: a few individuals. That is it. And this makes them much less important and much less powerful!

And because of the tremendous global group that worked on clearing those dark energies, it was made possible for the group in the Valley of Emergence to bring forth, all the way into the core of this planet, all the way into its deepest recesses, these energies of higher consciousness that have now been spreading for more than a week. These energies are what we dearly wanted to have here! Because of all this work we now have the doorway opened through to a much higher level of consciousness for humanity.

So we are celebrating, and we know that even though 2016 will be challenging, and interesting, it will also be very rewarding because I believe that there are, now, so many who understand, who have awakened, who are looking to the greatest leaps forward for humanity and will hold that strong, throughout the year.

We are very, very happy about this, and I thank you all for participating in whatever way you did. If you are reading my words, you are ones who participated in this major shift.

I love each of you, I love every single person who is incarnated now, because you are the ones making it happen! Thank you so much!

Copyright 2016 Antera and Omaran.
Permission is given to share with others in its entirely with source credit.


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