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Wants to Get Rid of Twin Flame 

Dear Antera:

Do you have a book which can tell you how to GET RID OF YOUR TWIN FLAME? I have great interest in seeking this information.

My path has crossed my twin flame. It has been intensely painful to me spiritually. He has not evolved emotionally sufficient for a relationship of any kind, spiritual or otherwise. However, I'm finding it nearly impossible to rid myself of his thoughts and emotions on a daily basis.

I would be most appreciative of any information you could provide. Thanking you in advance for your time and cooperation.

--Good Riddance

Dear Good Riddance,

I understand how painful it is to meet your twin and find that he is not ready for a relationship. I almost left mine for the same reason (perhaps you read about that in my book). But though it is almost unbearably difficult, and you may think you would have been better off not meeting at all, there are always good reasons for people to come together. The question to ask is, why did your soul set this up for you? What are you supposed to be learning from this situation?

Your energy is very tied up with this person, and I mean there are literally many cords of energy between you. I suggest you start by cutting these cords one by one, visualizing them and imagining that you have a sword of Light or whatever tool you need to effectively cut these entanglements. Affirm over and over that you let him go with love. Once you are free of his energy and he is no longer able to affect you so much, you will be able to see more clearly the higher reasons for this happening, and love him as you are meant to--unconditionally.

Best Blessings,

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