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Has She Met Her Twin? 

Dear Antera:
I am almost sure I have met my twin soul, but I am married and he is dating someone. I am trying to make my marriage work as I do love my husband very much, but it needs work. Do you feel I have met my twin, or am I just living in a fantasy world? I never knew what a twin soul was until recently and I am almost sure I have met him, but we may not unite in this lifetime. What do you feel? Do you think I have met him or do I just have a very active imagination?

Also, we need healing in our new house. We were robbed, bad dreams, afraid to be alone.


--Wants to Know

Dear Wants to Know,

If you are having trouble in your marriage, I advise you to concentrate your energy and efforts on that, rather than spending energy fantasizing about whether you have met your twin. It is common for people who are having relationship difficulties to start looking for others, and to start thinking that the one they are with is not the "right" one. But he is the right one for you now. There are lessons your soul wants you to learn through the marriage, and by looking at it from that perspective, you can make progress that is good for both of you, and raise the union to a more soul-based one.

As for the other man, a union is not likely. Remember, every relationship is practice for eventually being with the twin, and you don't want to be with a twin until you are ready. Relationship problems don't go away, we take our baggage with us when we leave one relationship and go to another, no matter who it is.

For your house, you will need to do a lot of clearing. There is a lot of fear and angry energy left over from previous tenants, embedded in the walls and floor etc. You are picking up on that. Burn sage, call on the Christ energy, pray, and surround the house with white light. But most of all, recognize the energy for what it is and don't buy into it, don't allow the fear and negativity to affect you. Knowing what it is, you can laugh at it, love it, and heal it.


Copyright 2004 by Antera, reproduction by written permission only.