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Bigger Than the Two of Them 

Dear Antera:
I have met my twin flame. I know this in my heart and soul. I sensed that he was the one from the first time I heard his name and within two days of knowing each other we both knew that this meeting was ordained, a miracle of sorts.

We now know each other a year and there hasn't a day gone by that we don't renew our love with support and kindness for each other. He is the spiritual reflection of me, he is the emotional reflection of me.

We will marry till death do us part this year and we both know that much love and happiness will come from this union, but there is something I cannot put my finger on, a feeling that this is bigger than both of us, as if there is some reason we should be marrying other than our love for each other.

Can you please help me by using your intuitive power to help me unravel this mystery and find what it is that we are bound to do through our meeting.

Yours lovingly,

--Something More

Dear Something More,

Congratulations and many blessings on your union! I feel that it will be a joyous one. The feeling you are describing that it is about something more than just the two of you is about the agreement you made together before being born, to meet and be together. But there is more. There are two souls around you wanting to come into incarnation through your union, and they are spiritually advanced beings. They are adding to your feelings of joy and anticipation. I hope you will have children! Perhaps you can sense them if you open up to listen. If you do want to have children, I recommend that you consciously invite them to be with you, and they will bless you many times with their wisdom from a very early age. Treat them as if they were your spiritual teachers, for they are.


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