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How to Prepare for Twin 

Dear Antera:
I heard there are three things that need to be done by twin flames before they can be together. Do you know what those three things are?


Dear Wondering,

I don't believe there are any hard and fast rules about when twins come together. I've heard a lot of people's experiences, and have found that there are many variables at work, not only with the individuals, but also with universal timing.

The ideal is, of course, to reunite when both are in their last lifetime on Earth and therefore highly evolved. But this requires that they are both at the same level of soul evolution, so it is rare. When twins come together before then, before they are really ready, it is usually for practice, or to do some kind of service work together, but they will not stay together for long because the connection is so intense.

So the thing that will speed the process of reunion with your twin more than anything else is to deal with your own healing and personal growth. This time is an amazing opportunity for this because so many tools for healing and raising consciousness are available, and everything is speeding up. I believe that the biggest problem for most people on the planet now is unresolved emotional energy and pain from the past. So releasing that will give the biggest gains the quickest.


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