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He Walked Out of His Body 

Dear Antera:
I stumbled upon your website searching for information on twin flames. My situation is very sad, joyous, confusing, exciting, and depressing. The person that I have always felt was my twin flame, the only one who ever touched me to the core and knew my soul, is no longer on this earthly plane. I got in communication with the person I believed to be him after a 20+ year silence, and found him to be a stranger--a stranger who had memories of me, but whose vibration and personality were so different, it was completely baffling, not to mention painful.

It was revealed to me via two different channels that this person is a walk-in, that my beloved took his own life more than a decade ago. My beloved is now my guide and in constant telepathic communication with me. While this is pure joy to know that he never stopped loving me during our separation, and wants to help me while I live out the rest of my earthly time, I am also filled with grief that we are not together physically. And I am plagued with doubts about my own sanity regarding this whole thing, although it has been confirmed again and again by numerous sources. I see myself searching for endless verification.

While I realize it has only been a few days since I received this knowledge and that in time I may become used to it, I was wondering if you had any insight into my situation? Have you ever heard of such a thing before? If all my sources are correct, he was as miserable during our long 20 year separation as I was, and this contributed to his suicide. This is so heartbreaking to me, and the truth is I would like to be with him on the other side. I have children however and believe I need to stay here to finish my contracts. At this point it seems like a life sentence (pardon the pun). Anyway, thank you for your time. I will be interested in your reply.

--Walked Out

Dear Walked Out,

I have never heard of such a situation, and I can just imagine how difficult it must be. But I have often heard of one twin acting as a spirit guide for the other. I believe it is true that this person has walked out of embodiment and allowed another being to take over the body. It must have been very confusing and devastating to experience this firsthand. He left his body prematurely because he was emotionally unstable, and carrying more pain than he had tools to deal with, not because of you. Because of this, he is now having to make up for that by some special training and tasks. One benefit to you is that he has agreed to help you in your spiritual growth, and he will be with you more, which he couldn't do while in the body.

If you can look at this arrangement as a gift, as a chance to progress very quickly, I think you can understand that the quicker you evolve as a soul, the quicker you can be with him forever. Really, could you imagine a better guide? I know it isn't the same as a human you can hold, but know that you have been together before and will be again, in one form or another.

All I can advise you to do is take time to grieve fully, then continue with your life, knowing that in time this situation will ease in its intensity and you will find your highest purpose for being alive at this time. For you do have a number of good reasons for being here, one of which is your children.

Best Blessings,

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