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Please Say Hello to Jesus and Angels 

Dear Antera:
I just finished reading your book on Twin Flames. It touched my soul deeply. I've met my twin flame, we are having a very difficult time. I just wanted to ask you if you could say hello to Jesus and the Angels for me. I talk to him and them all the time, but I don't hear them like you do. I wish you all the best in this life, thank you for everything you are doing.

Love and respect to you and Omaran, the other part of your soul. Loved your wedding ceremony! : )

--Please Say Hello

Dear Please Say Hello,

Thanks for writing, I'm glad you were touched by the book. I feel your pain, it seems that you are now having some very challenging experiences, a time of breaking the personal will and allowing for a deep surrender to the Higher Will. This means you are being asked to let go of old behavior patterns and ways of thinking, in order to metamorphose into your next level of soul evolution. If you can now recognize where you are stuck, where you need to change--and this may be a complete about-face, a major change--you will leap forward on your path.

I advise you to look at your life, and especially your relationship, and see where it is stuck, where you can let go. This can manifest as a letting go of the relationship itself, or as a letting go of attitudes and beliefs about it, but something must give--the stalemate has to end. It seems it won't be easy, but once you surrender, I think you will be much better off.

Jesus always looks after you, and loves you dearly. He hears your prayers. The way you can hear him and your spirit guidance is by looking at the small signs and coincidences in your life, the little occurrences that get your attention, such as finding a penny on the street, or a written phrase catching your eye in a store, or groups of numbers in threes, or glancing at your clock and seeing 11:11. Sometimes a person will say something to you in passing that coincides in some way with your situation. There are many ways they speak to us, if we are open to recognizing them.

Best Blessings.

Copyright 2003 by Antera, reproduction by written permission only.