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A Shocking Meeting 

Dear Antera:
I have been married for almost 17 years. I have had a wonderful relationship with my wife for the most part, and we have three beautiful children. But although my wife and I have been very close, I have never felt that she was my soul mate. Recently, we have had some very challenging times in our relationship, and some financial challenges on top of that. Then something happened yesterday that has thrown me for a loop.

My daughter is in sports and I took her to a meet. I was standing talking to someone, when I felt compelled to turn my head to the left. My eyes caught a woman who was looking right at me. I immediately smiled at her and she smiled back at me. Something inside me stirred like it has never stirred before. There was something about her smile that really got to me. It felt like we were connecting on a deep level. It was almost as if her smile said, "we finally have met." I will admit this woman is very beautiful but I have looked at many beautiful women and never had the same reaction. I have not been able to stop thinking about this woman since yesterday.

I found out through a friend that she is divorced and has just moved to the our town, and that she was going to look into switching her kids to our team. When I heard this, I had an anxious feeling that something may be going on here. I was a bit shocked. I have a feeling that I just met a soul mate or a twin flame. I am a little nervous about what may happen in the future. Any guidance or suggestions that you could offer would be most appreciated.


Dear Shocked,

The woman you met is indeed someone you know, a soulmate from other times, and there was an energy exchange between you, though she may not be aware of it. You may very well see her again, but dwelling on her won't help you in any way.

What I see for your situation is that you are being challenged now to see the bigger picture. The most important thing to do now is release the woman you met from your mind and concentrate your energies on taking a serious look at your marriage from a high perspective, one that is not only intellectual, but also of the body and soul. Look to the divine in your relationship.

There are still things you and your wife can teach each other, so look to what has gone out of harmony and seriously assess it and make the efforts to bring it back into harmony and love. Use real insight, and avoid criticism, but seek to inspire your wife and yourself to finding love again between you.

You have unfinished business together, and if you stick it out, making changes in yourself, committing yourself to the next level of growth, you will greatly benefit. Your wife is a soulmate of yours, and if you work together now to find love again, then if you decide to split at some point in the future, it will be from a place of completion and fullness, rather than from a place of discontent. That is a much healthier course.

Best blessings to you.

Copyright 2003 by Antera, reproduction by written permission only.