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Wants to Unlink from Intense Relationship 

Dear Antera:
I met my twin flame this spring. I wasn't looking for him, it just happened... He's closely related to me, he is single and his name is "W." However, I'm already married with children. My relationship with W is so intense, so extraordinary that there's a part of me, deep with in my heart, that wants to be with him and see where the road takes us. But I also recognize that I am married to my soulmate -- and while our relationship is not nearly as intense as the one with W, my inner self tells me that my place is by my husband's side.

W can see, as I do, that we've linked through soul and mind. He wants our relationship to become physical as well. In his mind, I am the perfect mate he has been looking for his entire life. I'm not prepared to take that step, I don't want to hurt my soulmate nor risk losing him forever. It is with a very heavy heart that I'm letting W go. The problem is, W and I seem to be emotionally linked--I can feel his anquish, his bad days at work affect me, his mood casts a pall on my mood. I need to somehow unlink from him, but I don't know how. I hope you can offer some insight.


Dear Linked,

Letting go of someone you are so strongly linked with, emotionally and spiritually, is one of the most difficult of human trials. But it is definitely in your highest interest to let W go, and go through the pain this causes. The bond between you goes deep, but right now it is unhealthy for both of you to allow it to remain intact.

Cutting cords is a good thing to do for all relationships, because it is not healthy to have energy cords between people. This interferes with the flow of love. You cannot completely love anyone with whom you are corded. With W, you are corded mainly at the heart and second chakras. I suggest doing the following visualization daily until it is no longer a problem:

1) Get yourself into a silent space where you can work alone, and relax mind and body.
2) Imagine the cords connecting you to W as dark energy, or chains.
3) Silently address him as his higher self, telling him you want only love between you, and you want to release him. Wish him the best, and send him your love and caring.
4) Call on Archangel Michael to help you cut the cords. He appears with his sword of electric light and cuts them for you, freeing both you and W from the past. Thank him, then thank W.

There will also be some sadness that needs to be released in tears, grief that will have to be expressed or you will never be able to truly let him go. Take time for this alone, it is an important part of the release process.

There are reasons for this happening in your life now, that go beyond the obvious. This is an opportunity for a spiritual awakening for everyone involved, if you take the soul perspective of looking for the lessons in the situation. And remember that nothing will keep you from your twin flame when the time is right to be together. Sometimes twins meet briefly just to create a jump in awareness for both, but it is not appropriate to be together for long, not yet.

Copyright 2003 by Antera, reproduction by written permission only.