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Ex Is Twin Flame 

Dear Antera:
I have recently discovered that my ex is my twin flame. I love him very, very, very much, and have known from the beginning this was an uncanny union. There are telepathic events, strange happenings, etc. But...

What I want to ask is: if he says that I am not "the one," is that possible that he really will not be with me -- I mean, we're twin flames...!

I had my chart done by a professional astrologer, so I know I am not imagining this. He is physically, spiritually, inside and out, everything in a man I could want...he is so beautiful... I don't know what to do. I want to be with him, forever. How would I raise his consciousness so that he sees that he and I are twin flames, and that we should be together?

Thanks...I really, really, really love him. I appreciate any reply you have to give...bless you!

--Ex Is Twin Flame

Dear Ex Is Twin Flame,

These relationships are so intense, that I'm sure it must be very difficult to accept that he doesn't see the connection you do. In your situation, what will help the most at this time is being completely open and honest with him about how you feel and what you think. Tell him straight out that you think he is your twin flame and that it means a lot to you at a soul level. This should be done as soon as possible, without putting it off. This clear, direct communication is what is needed now, so there are no misunderstandings.

Please keep in mind that even after you have had this talk, he may not agree that you need to be together. Nor may he accept what you say. But it will open a spiritual "key" in him that is important for his spiritual evolution, so you may have to accept that he is not ready now but needs time to gestate this information.

There are many twin flames on the planet who cannot be together for one reason or another. For you two, there will be a lot of emotional baggage to overcome before you can come together in mutual joy. All you can do is work on your own healing at this time, and hope he does the same. Know that when the time is right, twins are always reunited, so there is no hurry now (though it may seem urgent!).

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