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Drawn to the Four Corners 

Dear Antera:
This is a threefold question. First, when I am meditating & doing energy/Lightwork I am more & more feeling tremendous energy throughout my entire body, especially in my hands. Do you know what I am to do this all this energy or how/where to direct it?

Secondly, when I am doing my energy work or meditations I constantly "feel" someone/something behind me. I usually sit in the middle of my bed & I can feel the bed shake ever so slightly as if someone had sat down also. The feeling is so great that I am always turning around to look. But I never see anything. I also feel something ever so slightly "touch me". Is this my imagination?

Thirdly, what & why does the name Four Corners keep coming up to me? I see Four Corners while in meditation & have clearly "heard" to go to the Four Corners & you will know. In just the past few days the Four Corners has come up on emails I receive from folks I network with. I have discovered through these emails that the Four Corners region of the US is in the Grand Canyon//Mesa Verde National Parks. Do you know what this is? Am I suppose to go to this area for some reason?

Thank you so much! :)

--Drawn to the Four Corners

Dear Drawn to the Four Corners,

The being you are feeling with you now is very real, a new spirit guide you have recently acquired. He is with you now to help you with your own healing and to develop your healing abilities. The flow of energy you are developing is because of his influence. This meeting with him was prearranged and will be of great benefit to you.

He says you will be able to verbally channel his teachings if you put some effort in. Do you have access to a channeling class? If not, I suggest just opening to receive his teachings, and setting up a tape recorder to see what happens.

The connection with the Four Corners is strong, and it is also your new guide who is making you aware of it. He says it is important that you go there. He and you have a history in that area, and your spiritual connection will blossom, and memories may come back through the spiritual opening this area can give you.

Healing your past is important now, resolving any mother-conflicts you have from this life -- and especially the particular past life where most of your pain comes from. By traveling to the southwest, you will have a chance to uncover that lifetime and heal it, bringing you into closer contact with the Great Mother and Mother Earth. You will unify the spiritual with the material, achieving balance and more harmony within yourself.

So I advise you to take this trip this year, or as soon as you can arrange it. Open to the new guidance you have, and you will be born anew!

Copyright 2003 by Antera, reproduction by written permission only.