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Pregnant and Unmarried 

Dear Antera:
A lot has happened to me in the last three years. I have been married and divorced, had a beloved family member pass away, and I have also met the man whom I believe is my soulmate. We are about to embark on the greatest journey of our lives in becoming parents for the first time. We are not married, and while this causes me little concern I am sometimes unsure of the staus of our relatonship. I do not believe that he is unfaithful, just unsure and uncertain about what he wants to happen in his life. He is, however, very involved with being a father to this child, and I know he loves me. On one hand I am content to let our relationship lay as it is, and on the other I want us to be so much more than we are. To me, marriage is more than a piece of paper, as my boyfriend is so fond of saying. But I am unwilling to push him into anything just because I want it to be so. I feel like my life is about to change(besides the fact of becoming a mother for the first time) and there seems to be something I am supposed to do but how do I find out what that is??? Do I wait and see? Do I search it out?? What do I look for???? Are these questions answerable???

--Changes Coming

Dear Changes Coming,

You are a great giver of love and nurture people well. This wonderful quality will make you a fine mother. Your baby's essence energy is causing these feelings of something about to change, something going on. The baby you are gestating is a very special soul, and also an important soulmate of yours. You will need to be very loving to this soul, and guide the baby in spiritual development from a young age. This is being communicated to you telepathically by the soul who will be incarnated as the baby.

As to the father, I advise you not to push the marriage issue, it is not important to the baby that you be married as yet. The father has a lot of fear around marriage, and these fears have nothing to do with you, so try not to take them personally. Know that you are bonded spiritually, and if/when the time is right to make it legal, you will know.

Blessings on you and your baby!

Copyright 2003 by Antera, reproduction by written permission only.