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Life Has Fallen Apart 

Dear Antera:
I need guidance. Since early 1999 EVERYTHING in my life has completely fallen apart or passed away. The house I was buying fell through, finances are not stable, my father passed away, my family will not speak to me, my marriage is on the "rocks", someone I loved dearly passed away, my beloved feline passed away & recently my beloved rabbit passed away also!

I feel very alone & devastated. I am COMPLETELY LOST. Can you help?

--Alone & Lost

Dear Alone & Lost,
Yes, there are tremendous destructive energies around you. I see this situation as a purging of old energies and a great gift, if you can perceive it that way. There was a need for big changes in your life, for new directions to embark upon. That need could only be fulfilled by going through these painful experiences. The old must pass away so the new can take hold.

Your challenge is to find your inner strength, to take time daily to center yourself and find your balance again. The worst of it is done, and it is time for renewal and finding the courage to go forth in strength, which only comes from the center of your being. Collect your energies and concentrate them to provide this courage for changing your path.

I suggest you use your breath often to release tension and grief, and to center your energies. Breathe deeply, imagining that you are breathing in the divine light, and breathing out the pain. Renew your faith by reminding yourself that everything which happens is for the higher good, even when it is not easy to see how. Allowing the changes rather than resisting them is only possible when you have allowed full expression to your grief and anger, and can experience faith in the divine plan.

Remember, too, that you are never alone. When you sit quietly and breathe, notice that your spirit guides are with you and love you always. They give the support that people and earthly situations cannot give. Ask them for help in opening your heart to faith and regaining your strength.

Copyright 2000 by Antera, reproduction by written permission only.