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Wants to Awaken His Twin Flame 

Dear Antera:
I met a young lady by chance via phone conversation in August. I asked an enlightened friend of mine what significance this lady has in my life, and was told that she is "The one, who is the one, who is the one," my twin flame. This lady and myself have only spoken on the phone that one time, but e-mail each other often. She does not know I am her twin flame in this dimension, but on the fifth and fourth she does. How do I awaken her without destroying what will be a great coming together?

--Finally Met Her

Dear Finally Met Her,
Just by coming into contact with this woman, energies of great strength are unlocked in you. This is a key experience in your life and triggers a big awakening and a jump in spiritual awareness, a clearer knowledge of who you are. It is a unification of the unconscious and the conscious.

It is OK to tell her this directly, but I strongly urge you to keep in mind that it will bring up fears in both of you, old wounds that need healing. You have the inner strength and wisdom now to deal with these old pains if you choose to. Whether or not you get together, you will be changed for the better. Trust your inner guidance.

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