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Thinks She Met Her Twin Flame 

Dear Antera:
How can I make sure when I meet my twin flame? I think I did. I had a spiritual dream and have extremely intense feelings. We are not together, unfortunately, and that makes me suffer. I don't know what to do.

--Feeling Intense

Dear Feeling Intense,
Meeting your twin flame is usually a very intense experience, more spiritual than physical or emotional. Most who come together don't stay together for long because they are not ready for it. The important thing is knowing that there is a soul connection, and at least you are soulmates -- and go from there. If you really are twin flames (and I don't want to get into this kind of validation, because it is something best gotten from your own guidance if true) it will come out in time.

I get that this situation is a karmic one, some unfinished business between you and him that has come up to be healed/cancelled. The intense, urgent feelings you have will unbalance you if you let them, so your challenge is to remain grounded with the planet and aligned with your Divine self. Remember that strong attachment/desire will lead to suffering, for which humor and lightness is the antidote. If you are meant to be together it will be so. The urgency is an illusion, a "trick" or "test" of the universe. Give it/him some time, though I know how hard that can be.

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