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Will Her Twin Flame Ascend? 

Dear Antera:
I feel like I will ascend in this lifetime. I sent my twin flame ascended master teachings and books on the violet flame. A friend of mine thinks he will re-embody as a phillosopher in his next lifetime. I hope he will ascend in this lifetime -- do you think he will?

--Twin Flame Ascent

Dear Twin Flame Ascent,
I can understand why you want to know whether your twin flame will ascend, because when this kind of pair ascends together it is very powerful. It is also extremely rare! I am not at liberty to say whether he will or not in this lifetime.

I see you as highly advanced in your own spiritual growth. You have transformed through self-knowledge. This puts you in a position to want to help others, and you may be feeling a bit hopeless at this time due to seeing others around you not doing so well, and things in general falling apart. You may feel like there is nothing you can do to help, and really sometimes others do need their problems at a deep level.

However, your great compassion can help others, especially if you go to their level, and don't appear to be quite so far evolved. Reach them where they are. You are a teacher.

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