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Wants to Feel the Violet Flame 

Dear Antera:
I transfigured about 3 years ago. I heard a voice say that I was one with the violet flame. Maybe it wasn't from higher guidance. Anyway, when I decree the violet flame now I don't receive any. I do see some violet in my aura. That's probably from owning a store called The Alchemist, and the work I do with it. I received some violet flame and other colors of the rays from saying St Germain's Keeper of the Flame daily prayer but that's it. The masters won't answer me about this problem.

I also had a dream that my name was Freedom and I think my Holy Christ Self said my destiny was to save the world with the violet flame -- I guess that's true for a lot of us. How can I get the violet flame back? I don't know why it was taken away.

--Wants the Violet Flame

Dear Wants Violet Flame,
You have full use of the violet flame. Whenever you invoke the flame it does its work, even though you don't currently see or feel it directly. When you were told that you were one with the violet flame, that was true at that particular time, but not all the time. This is only one of the tools you will use in your spiritual work. I see the flame coming out of your hands. Your hand chakras are fully activated, and that is how you can best use the flame. I believe you know how to use the flame by projecting it from your hands. It is powerful.

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