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Many Different Spirit Urgings 

Dear Antera:
I have been living with my mother for several years, since giving birth to my son. I am a single mother. I have been undergoing a dramatic transformation spiritually, which is still occurring.

My question has to do with what to do with a variety of spirit urgings that I have received over the last few years, to start a community center here in this town, and to start a community on the land we have in northern Minnesota. I have not been in a position financially to do these in the past -- though that is slowly changing now. But I am also being drawn strongly to Montana by spirit, to relocate.

Are these left-over urgings important to follow up on, or were they there for my process, and new or similar ones will be with me wherever I go? And part of me wants some confirmation that I am truly being drawn to Montana... This co-creator stuff is more complicated than I'm used I creating Montana, and is that good?

--Spirit Urgings

Dear Spirit Urgings,
I see your situation as one of great transformation, as you are working to clear blockages to a big flow of creative energy. You are on the verge of having so much energy flow that you will need a big project to birth. This is a time of renewal, and a letting go of what you used to cling to for security. Obstacles to this big flow are being quickly dissolved, but they are not quite gone yet.

I don’t see you starting a new community, but Montana does hold some energy for you, and may be a place to start a new project. I suggest you first finish the spiritual work you are doing now, and assess possibilities of future endeavors by your inner sense of what gives you the deepest joy. Go within and visualize your choices one at a time and compare them by how much light and joy each one holds for you.

Let the creative juices flow!

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