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Aligning With the Higher Will 

Dear Antera:
I have a question regarding the act of "commanding." If one is to surrender to the higher will, then how does one command in alignment with it? When is "commanding" appropriate, when is it not, and a procedure for assuring that it is in line with the higher will would be helpful. There seems to be a conflict between "commanding" and surrendering to the higher will.

--Command/Surrender Conflicted

Dear Conflicted,
What a great question! One could write a book on this subject, but I will attempt to be practical and concise.

My definition of the higher will (also called divine will or God’s will, etc.) is the most beneficial course of events that can take place, the path that brings the most light to the planet in the long run. From the human-being standpoint, we can rarely see the overall picture, so sometimes we simply have faith that this is operating and that our divine selves know what they are doing.

Lower will (sometimes called ego) is our individual desire, which can be influenced by repressed pain from our past, belief systems and programming from societies we have lived in, and ancestral body memories.

It is one of our greatest challenges as human beings to discern whether our desires are aligned with the higher will or not. To progress spiritually, we have to clear out our repressed pain and shatter many dearly-held beliefs, and as we do this we function more in the present moment and our desires are a clearer reflection of the divine.

I think that each situation is unique, and whether to command or surrender depends on our current soul path. The most important criterion I have found is our own inner sense, and discerning the source of it. If the inner sense is clear intuition, then there will be no painful emotional attachment or feeling of threat. There will be a sense of joy and well-being while visualizing the outcome we want, and it will feel right. When we put our energy into an outcome like this, it will augment the higher will.

If, instead, we are upset about the situation, there are probably underlying issues that are being re-stimulated from our past, and the most important course of action is finding a way to release that stuck energy, rather than focusing on the outer situation. This is a time for surrender, because those emotions get in the way of clearly seeing the greater flow. When the pain is released, we may be able to look at it again with clear intuition.

Often, people try and try to change an uncomfortable situation unsuccessfully, and it isn’t until after they give up their frustration and surrender (release attachment) that the change effortlessly occurs. Or, if successful in outwardly changing a situation without healing themselves, a new, similar situation comes along to give them another chance (and it is the higher will that brings these opportunities for evolvement!).

I hope this brings some clarity to a complex human challenge.

Copyright 2000 by Antera, reproduction by written permission only.