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Stumped by Limited Options 

Dear Antera,
I am stumped!

My dilemma is this: I need a new job and a new place to live; however, if I'm to remain in the town I'm currently living and working in, I'll need a VERY high-paying job and/or a very ECONOMICAL living space. And right now, neither seems likely.

I want to stay in this particular community because I have friends here and it just "feels right". Also, the person I admire most in the world (a composer, D.E.), has just moved to this town. The prospect of meeting him is part of my reluctance to move away (my friends know him). What are my chances for a relationship with this man?

I feel paralyzed in my work search. If I seek work in my area of expertise, chances are I'll need to move out of this wonderful area. I've set a goal just six weeks away, and now I wonder, was that premature? Any advice?


Dear Stumped,
Even though it may be frustrating right now, my advice is to continue looking for work in your area of expertise, staying open to possibilities and not limiting yourself to a particular area. Your highest path is to look in all geographical areas and to keep the goals you have laid out for yourself.

As far as the possibility for a relationship with DE, your higher guidance told me that it would not be beneficial to you or him at this time. He is different than you think. So don’t let the possibility of meeting him be a factor in your job search. Anyway, if two people are needing to get together, they always find each other, regardless of their locations.

I see this year as a time of breakthroughs for you in many aspects of your being, like you have been preparing or asking for a long time and the doors are about to start opening. It is critical that you do your energy work, meditation, and visualization to create what you want, letting go of attachment to a particular form, to make the transition as easy as possible.

Go for it!

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