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Terrified and Fifty-Four 

Dear Antera,
I have been struggling with a ferocious terror! I am terrified that I will be killed in some violent way, either because I fail myself in a potentially dangerous recreational activity, or because my husband will accidentally kill us in an auto accident, or the plane I’m on will crash, or whatever. The fear only comes up when the physical elements are pretty dramatic, such as being 30,000 feet in the air, or walking in or around avalanches or steep snowy mountains, or riding in a fast moving vehicle that’s very close to other vehicles or speeding down curvy mountainous terrain. I don’t know whether the fear is related to the real hazards or perceived hazards or what.

I’ve tried "thinking" myself out of this fear, but it hasn’t worked yet. I’ve considered managing my life in a way that keeps me out of fearsome situations, but something inside tells me that that approach won’t work. These terrors began when I was peri-menopausal, about 45 years old. I don’t know whether or not hormones have anything to do with it. I’d very much appreciate any help you can give me.

Terrified and Fifty-Four

Dear Terrified,
The fear you are experiencing is a result of the suppression of emotional and physical pain in violent past-life deaths of your own and loved ones. When your body got closer to the ages of past deaths, the energy was restimulated, and is now too large a mass to hold down any longer, even for one as strong as you!

Fear is simply emotional energy, and emotional energy simply needs expression. Many spiritual people think that it is not OK to express the "negative" emotions such as fear or anger, so the tendency is to suppress the energy and refuse to feel it fully. This only makes it stronger so it comes out later, inappropriately. The trick is to allow safe expression without harming or blaming anyone.

My advice for quick improvement is to allow the fear its full expression. As soon as you can, when it comes up, get alone or with a supportive friend who understands the process and let it all out. Shake your body all over, blow out your breath, say, "I’m afraid, I feel scared," over and over, and get to the core of the feeling. Imagine the very worst thing that could happen and feel the fear energy that is associated with it. Remember, IT IS ONLY ENERGY THAT NEEDS TO FLOW, and there has to be a physical action to release it. Keep releasing until you feel much better, maybe even laughing about how absurd your imagined scenarios are. Do this every day or as often as necessary to dis-charge.

The long-term solution is to go back into the past lives that cause the restimulation and retrieve your energy from those times. Then, no matter what happens in the present life, you will remain in present time instead of being thrust back into the past in fearful reaction. This requires specialized counseling.

You are also storing a lot of residual trauma in your arms, hands, legs and feet that is associated with these fears. There is a need for increased communication with your limbs because you are limiting your energy flow to them, both because of the past pain and because they have failed you at times, and now you don’t trust them. For this, I recommend rubbing and massaging these parts of your body (mentally and physically), giving them your spirit-energy, unconditional love, and attention.

Be gentle with yourself and know that you are a vast being, much more powerful than this energy!

Copyright © 2000 by Antera, reproduction by written permission only.