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Microwave Cooker 

Dear Antera,
Please comment on the health consequences of eating food cooked in a microwave oven.

Microwave Cooker

Dear Cooker,
A general question deserves a general answer. I see food as containing three major aspects that are important to us and our bodies: chemical makeup, electrical properties, and life-force energy.

The chemical elements present are determined by how and where the plants or animals are grown or raised. Unless you have an abundance of very fresh organic produce, organic whole grains, free-range organically-fed meat, etc. in your diet, there are big deficiencies in this area, and probably elements in the food that are considered poisonous to the body.

Electrical properties are disturbed by processing methods and lack of freshness. If food is unbalanced in this way, the ability of the body to assimilate the elements is affected. Also, general good health in body, emotions, and mind requires a balanced electrical system, and this can be thrown off by electrically-unbalanced food.

Life-force energy in food is determined by the thoughts and emotions of all the people, animals, plants, and nature spirits who helped create it, plus the energy in the environment of the food. This is what we address when we bless food to clear out "negative" energies and enhance the life-giving forces. It is possible to overcome chemical or electrical deficiencies by focused use of this energy.

Microwave cooking primarily alters the electrical/magnetic qualities of the food and makes it difficult for the body to utilize the life-force energy and elements present. So my practical advice is this: if you are cooking processed, commercially-grown food, that is deficient in elements, unbalanced electrically, and has very little positive life-force energy in it, the microwave isn’t going to make it much worse. But if you are cooking fresh, organically-grown foods, make the best of them by using more "natural" methods of cooking.

And remember to bless the food before eating!

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