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Trapped in a Guilded Cage 

Dear Antera,
I'm in a strange situation. You see, I work for my best girlfriend! We've known each other over 21 years, and for the past year+ since her son was born, I've been a "nanny" for him, living in her gated mansion in an exclusive neighborhood. Her original idea was to give me a fresh start after my long-term marriage ended. As a result of that toxic relationship, I have a grown son of my own that doesn't even speak to me.

This employment relationship has created a palpable strain on our girl-friendship. Due to health-related issues, after my shift I have no energy left to pursue my other interests, such as writing and art, that I feel are in alignment with my life's purpose.

I feel spiritually bonded to my "nephew", and he has healed me on levels that relate to my own son. How can I best end this "employment", rescue the friendship, and get on with my life?

Trapped in a Gilded Cage

Dear Trapped,
It looks like your situation was a good one for you at first, and now it is definitely time to move on. However, you don't need to look for a place to move at this time -- there is some kind of opportunity coming your way which will make this happen easily. Look for it. I do suggest that you look for part-time work, by arranging to have more time off during the week so you can start the process.

I see a cord of attachment between you and your friend at your solar plexus, and she is sucking your power at times (and you hers other times). It would do you a lot of good to cut this cord immediately, and bring your energy up to your heart once again. You love each other deeply and need a heart-to-heart talk. See if you can arrange a time to be alone with her, like a date for coffee without the child, and open your heart to her. Tell her what you have written, that you miss the close relationship you used to have. Show her your heart and your love for her. Ask for her support in your transition.

Healing this situation where you live is essential before you move on, and you have already taken some steps. The soul lesson is about being in your power at all times, not by taking power from another, but by opening your own flow of power from your God-self. Then you can truly love unconditionally, which heals all. I see you standing with your feet apart, arms overhead in a "V" shape saying out loud:

"I am fully empowered through the Divine Light."

"I command that any and all connections I have with others which take my energy without my conscious consent be severed at once."

You health will improve when you have completed this lesson and moved on. Many blessings to you.

Copyright © 2000 by Antera, reproduction by written permission only.