Register for
Order of the Blue Snake Initiation

JULY 20, 27, and AUGUST 3, 2024
Saturdays 9:30 am to 12:30 pm Pacific Time

The meetings are mandatory, so everyone can share their experiences live and gather the group energies.

You will be sent an information email when you register, so please double check your email and make sure you check that account.

This is an initiation, not only a class. It starts on the full moon, and ends with a final ceremony on the new moon. Make sure you are not traveling for these two weeks and you have the time to spend on this. You will want to have an average of one hour per day between meetings.

A package will be sent to you by mail, so make sure we have your correct address.

A high speed internet connection and a computer/tablet are required. Cancellation fee is $30 plus shipping/packing costs if applicable, and if you cancel after shipping, you will need to mail back the package unopened.

$233 payment, US address

$263 payment, non-US address
We can no longer ship to some countries because of problems with deliveries, so please email first to be sure.

$100 other payment

$133 other payment