Register for
"Order of the Blue Snake Initiation by Home Study"
With Antera and Omaran


This initiation is done one step at a time with guidance, through links to videos and audio recordings. You will need to be reachable on email, so make sure you register with your correct address and check it often.

The whole process takes about 12 hours, spread over two weeks. It starts on the full moon, and ends with a final ceremony on the new moon. Both of these days will require a phone call with the group. Make sure you are not traveling for these two weeks and have the time to spend on this.

When you register, a package will be sent to you by mail, so you will need to allow time to receive it before starting. A high speed internet connection and a computer/tablet are required (no phones). Cancellation fee is $30 plus shipping/packing costs if applicable, and you will need to mail back the package unopened.

$177 payment, US address

$217 payment, non-US address
Make sure there is time to ship and receive your package before starting.
We can no longer ship to some countries because of problems with deliveries.