From the Winter Solstice 2002 Newsletter

A Great Master Composes a Song

Our new song, A Message from Jesus, has been rather extraordinary in the making, unlike any other song we've done. It is a song with a mission.

In August, we attended the annual Pageant of Angels put on each year by the I Am Foundation here in Mt Shasta. While the 138-person choir was singing, I was suddenly "touched" by Master Jesus. Anyone who has been touched in this way knows what I mean by that. In just a few moments, he communicated to me such great love and caring for all of humanity that I started weeping. Then, through this deep love, he let me know that he wanted me to write a song for him.

That evening and through the next morning I kept hearing little phrases of his song in my mind, but though it was a Sunday, I had a busy schedule and no free time to spend writing songs. But the Master wouldn't let it go. In late morning, Omaran and I were sitting in the living room working on a project, when the phone rang. It was a friend asking for Omaran's immediate assistance.

And so it was that after Omaran unexpectedly left, I suddenly found myself sitting on the couch in the unusual condition of having unscheduled time on my hands. I briefly wondered what I should do now, before Jesus's song started pouring through. I picked up a pad of paper and started writing it down, then went to the piano. By the time Omaran returned two hours later, the song was finished. I have written many songs, but never has a complete song manifested so quickly before.

A few days later, I could feel Jesus prompting me again about it, just to make sure I hadn't forgotten that this song needed to get out to the world. He suggested that Omaran sing it instead of me, and that I do the backup vocals. I wasn't so sure about that, but I did casually mention to my mate that I'd like to hear how he would sound singing it. He resonated with that idea immediately, for the song had touched him deeply, and it was decided.

We both continued to feel the driving force, an urgency behind the song. It almost constantly played in the back of both of our minds. So it was only a couple weeks later that we were in the studio to record it with Terry Lawhon, with whom we were in the process of recording our Twin Flames CD.

The first session did not go well. Omaran laid a piano track and a scratch vocal, but Terry didn't seem to relate to the song. He said that it sounded like it was for Christians, and suggested making it into a hymn, instrumenting with organs! We ended the session early.

A week later, in the studio again, a transformation had taken place with Terry. He had already laid several tracks, and was playing inspired music, everything smoothly falling into place.

"So what happened? You like the song now?" I asked him.

"Well yes, I really feel it now." He explained. Tears started forming in his eyes. "Last night, I was watching a special on TV and someone played a couple of songs from the musical Jesus Christ, Superstar, and I was really touched by them. Then I realized that this song has the same feeling, and I got it. I really got what Jesus is saying."

With the Master at work in this way, the recording went smoothly. When we had a rough studio mix, the song went for review to Janet, my sister, who is a producer in LA. She gave us some initial feedback in a phone call. But there was something bothering her about the song.

"Are you sure Jesus said that this is his final plea and we'd better heed it before it is too late? I mean, can it really ever be too late? Will the masters really give up on us if we don't get it together?"

"Well, that is what he said," I affirmed.

"Hmmm... well that certainly is disturbing."

When she got the next version two weeks later, we learned when we talked that she had listened to it all weekend, when she should have been packing to move! The song had grabbed her and she kept thinking about it, playing it over and over.

"So what made you suddenly like the song?" Omaran asked her.

"I've been feeling Jesus all weekend. I finally got it. Especially the part about it being too late. You know, it took dinner with a Republican to understand that."

Omaran and I laughed. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, I had a dinner date with a guy I really liked, and we started talking about politics and it turned out he is a Republican. He was actually talking about his support of a war with Iraq. That was when it hit me that there are people like that in the world, in fact lots of them. I'm a flower child! I don't think war is the answer to anything! So right then I got that it really can be too late."

With that story, we were once again impressed with the energy the Master was putting into this project, and how he was reaching the people who were helping to make it happen. The pressure did not let up, and we found ourselves working on it despite the fact that we were in the middle of the other CD, and numerous other projects.

The question arose as to how to get this song out as quickly as possible, to the largest audience. There was simply no way it would wait until our second album was released next year, because of events currently unfolding on the planet. The answer came immediately after asking, and we were guided to release a two-song single. We are now doing everything we can to get the song out, and it has all happened in record time. Music is such a great way of reaching people, and spreading positive thoughtforms on the planet. We hope everyone will take time to listen, and spread the message from the Master!

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